Sylvia’s Foolproof Fudge

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Sylvia’s Foolproof Fudge

Follow our complete, step-by-step, photo illustrated recipe to learn how to make this super easy, and super delicious chocolate fudge. Printable recipe included.


Foolproof Fudge, enjoy!
Sylvia’s Foolproof Fudge Recipe


Foolproof Fudge, slider.

There’s a large yellow container with a handle that sits on the top shelf of a rack beside my kitchen. It has the word “PopCorn” written in red on the outside. For some reason, this container became my wife’s Recipe Box many years ago. It was the place she chose to store her recipe cards. Many were handwritten, and some were typed on on old manual typewriter long before computers existed.

While going through the container a few days back, I spotted this recipe she had labeled as Foolproof Fudge. The recipe was handwritten on one of her personalized recipe cards as you can see in the photo below.

My wife was an awesome cook in her own right, but why not? She learned from her mother in her early years, then after we married, she learned even more from my mother.

I met Sylvia when I was 12 and she was just 9 years of age. It was love at first sight on my part but took her a bit longer to come around. We were always friends though, from day one, when we met outside of the new church her father had come to pastor in my town. Yep, she was a PK, a preachers kid. Smile.

I don’t have memories of her making this fudge for us at home, but I suspect she may have a time or two. But, when I saw how simple it was, I decided I should give it a try. Besides, it said it was foolproof, how could I go wrong?

Turns out, it was really good and really rich. It doesn’t take a large piece to cause a sugar rush. Smile. And, while the recipe says it can be left out on the counter once it’s made, I found it got a bit soft so I put it back in the refrigerator and keep it good and cold. It only takes a few minutes out of the fridge and it’s ready to eat.

How about you? Ready to give our recipe a try? Alright then, let’s head on out to the kitchen… and Let’s Get Cooking!


Foolproof Fudge, recipe card.
This is a scan of the actual recipe card in Sylvia’s handwriting.


Foolproof Fudge, you'll need these ingredients.
Sylvia’s Foolproof Fudge, you’ll need these ingredients.

The recipe called for three 6oz bags of chocolate chips. Mine were 12 ounce so I used one whole bag and half of another one. Just saying.


Foolproof Fudge, prepare the pan.
Prepare your pan before you begin mixing the ingredients. You’ll need an 8x8inch square pan for this recipe. Line the pan with parchment paper to prevent the fudge from sticking and to make it easier to remove from the pan. Set the pan aside for now.


Foolproof Fudge, add chips to saucepot.
Place the chocolate chips in a medium sized sauce pot.


Foolproof Fudge, add the condensed milk.
Add the can of sweetened condensed milk.


Foolproof Fudge, add the salt.
Add the salt.


Foolproof Fudge, heat until melted.
Place the sauce pot over Medium-Low heat on your stove top. Continue to stir the chips until they are fully melted and combined with the condensed milk. REMOVE FROM HEAT.


Foolproof Fudge, add the nuts.
Add the chopped nuts to the melted chocolate chips.


Foolproof Fudge, add the vanilla.
Add the vanilla.


Foolproof Fudge, stir until combined.
Stir everything together until fully combined.


Foolproof Fudge, spread mixture into pan.
Spread the fudge mixture evenly in the pan.

You now have permission to lick the spoon. Smile.


Foolproof Fudge, garnish the top.
Garnish the top if desired. I saved just a few of the chocolate chips and the chopped nuts and sprinkled them over the top of the melted chips.


Foolproof Fudge, refrigerate until firm and set.
Place the pan in the refrigerator for about two hours, or until the fudge has set.


Foolproof Fudge, turn out of pan.
Flip the pan upside down onto another piece of parchment. It should easily fall out of the pan.


Foolproof Fudge, remove the parchment paper.
Carefully pull the parchment paper away from the fudge. Flip the entire piece of fudge over and then slice it into small squares or rectangles as desired.


Foolproof Fudge, enjoy!


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Sylvia’s Foolproof Fudge

  • Author: Steve Gordon
  • Prep Time: 5 minutes
  • Cook Time: 10 minutes
  • Total Time: 15 minutes
  • Yield: 12 servings 1x
  • Category: Desserts
  • Method: Stove top
  • Cuisine: American, Southern


Quick and easy homemade style fudge using chocolate chips and sweetened condensed milk. So simple to make.



3 packages Semi-Sweet Chocolate Chips (6oz each)
1 can Eagle Brand Sweetened Condensed Milk (14oz)
Dash of Salt
1 cup Nuts, chopped
11/2 teaspoons Vanilla Extract


Line a 8 or 9 inch square pan with parchment paper.
Place heavy saucepan over low heat on stove top.
Add the chocolate chips.
Add the sweetened condensed Milk.
Add dash of salt.
Stir often until chips are fully melted. About 8-10 minutes.
Remove pot from heat.
Add chopped nuts.
Add vanilla extract.
Fold together until fully combined.
Spoon mixture into pan. Spread evenly.
Garnish with a few chopped nuts and chocolate chips.
Chill 2 hours or until firm and set.
Turn fudge onto cutting board. Remove parchment paper.
Cut into squares.
Store leftovers in the fridge for best results.


The nuts are optional, but sure do add a lot to the fudge if you can use them.

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  1. Roxanne says:

    Hi Steve,

    Quick, smooth, creamy, and chocolatey – what else do you need? Since Sylvia’s recipe said dark chocolate fudge, I decided to switch out 6 ounces of semi-sweet for dark chocolate squares. The smell of it on the stove though made me want to make a batch of puffed wheat squares. Thanks.

    • Steve Gordon says:

      Hi Roxanne. Are you saying you did or didn’t make the fudge? I’m not sure when you said the recipe made you want to make a batch of puffed wheat squares. Not sure if you switched over to those or if you completed the fudge. I’m just curious. Smile. Thanks for closely reading the handwritten recipe though. She did call it Dark Chocolate Fudge. You did good. I appreciate your visit and do hope you’ll stop by again… real soon. Be Blessed!!! -Steve

      • R says:

        I did make the fudge, but the smell of the chocolate in the pan reminded me of the smell when you’re making the sauce for puffed wheat squares (or at least the recipe I got from my mom) – and it is smooth, chocolatey and creamy.
        I’m going to get more than 12 pieces though ’cause it’s rich.

  2. Brian says:

    I love a firm, creamy fudge. That grainy marshmallow stuff is horrible! I have the condensed milk, the nuts and the vanilla, but I don’t have any chocolate chips at the moment. 🙁 I’ve already added it to the grocery list. This sounds like a winner!!

    • BRIAN says:

      Follow Up – I made this last year and am getting ready to make a batch for Thanksgiving this year. Amazing fudge. Best ever!!!

  3. Joyce says:

    I have this recipe and use to make it for my kids who are all grown now. Thank you for sharing your wife’s hand written recipe. That makes it extra special to me. It reminded me of the time my mother made a pan of fudge and since it was winter she decided to put the pan on the porch to cool and set. After about an hour she checked to see if it was ready. The pan was licked clean by some trespassing animal. Bless her heart, she made us some more. We had a good laugh though from the look on her face as she held the empty pan.

    • Steve Gordon says:

      Hi Joyce, Thank you for the kind words about the handwritten recipe photo. I enjoyed reading your memories of this type of fudge. Wonder what animal ate a whole pan full? That was too funny. I appreciate your visits and your support. The door is always open for you, so please stop by any old time. Be Blessed!!!! -Steve

  4. Mary S says:

    Thanks for sharing this recipe. Your Sylvia had beautiful handwriting. She’s waiting for you in our Father’s house, along with so many we dearly long to see again. What a homecoming that will be!

    • Steve Gordon says:

      Hi Mary, Thank you for your very kind words today. After my wife passed away, the one comment that really stuck with me, and I don’t know where I heard it or read it, was this… “She’s not in your past, she’s in your future.” It pulled me through a most difficult time and still brings comfort. I share it often with others when I hear of a loss with them. Yes, it will be a great homecoming indeed. I do appreciate you taking the time to write. I hope you’ll stop by again… real soon. Be Blessed!!! -Steve

  5. Paula Harris says:

    Steve, two things. Does this have to be refrigerated after making and also can this be done in a microwave? I have seen similar recipes as this one but never tried with condensed milk. Definitely will give it a try as we love our fudge, mainly around the holidays and since it is Christmas in JULY everywhere, why not??? Thanks.

    • Steve Gordon says:

      Hi Paula, I’m sure you could melt the chips in the microwave. I found that once it had set up and I tried leaving it on the counter, it became a bit soft to the touch. The sides wanted to go in when you picked it up. So, I placed it back in the fridge and all is well. I’ve had some in there for two weeks now and it’s still good. Just a couple of minutes out of the fridge and it’s ready to eat. Thank you for the question. I hope this helps. I appreciate your visit and trust you will visit with us often. Be Blessed!!! -Steve

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