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Southern Peach Cobbler

Follow our easy, step-by-step, recipe to learn how to make this delicious Peach Cobbler. It’s an old Southern favorite.

A true Southern favorite dessert. Peach Cobbler.

There is an area about 60 miles North-West of where I live that is well known for it’s peach orchards. They produce some beautiful peaches each year, but we just can’t seem to grow them right around where I live. The soil is just not right here for growing them it seems.

I haven’t been able to get to the farmers market to purchase any of the local fresh peaches this year, but I did have a hankering for a peach cobble recently, so I resorted to using frozen peaches instead. It still turned out great. Smile.

This is our second recipe for peach cobbler here on Taste of Southern. A few years back, I used a recipe one of my friends had given me and made her Peach Delight Cobbler. That one has a crumb type topping whereas this one does not. Both will be good recipes to try, just depends on what you like.

This is more of the traditional and old Southern favorite, so I figured if I was going to make it, I might as well take the photos and post it all here on Taste of Southern. I hope you’ll enjoy it should you decide to try it. And, if you can use fresh peaches, it will be even better.

The sweetness of the cobbler will depend a lot on just how sweet your peaches are. I prefer the yellow freestone variety when I can find them as they are a bit easier to work with for me.

Ready to get started?  Alright then, let’s head on out to the kitchen, and… Let’s Get Cooking!

Peach Cobbler Recipe, You’ll need these ingredients.

Place peaches in a medium sized mixing bowl. If using frozen peaches, they need to be fully thawed.

Add the sugar.

Add lemon juice.

Add vanilla flavoring.

Grab a large spoon and stir everything until the sugar dissolves and peaches are coated with the syrup.

Place the flour in another small mixing bowl.

Add the sugar.

Add the baking powder.

Add just a dash of salt. Give the dry ingredients a quick stir.

Gradually add the milk.

Mix well to make a pancake like batter.

Place the melted butter in your baking dish. Be sure to use one with high sides because the mixture will rise once it starts baking.

Pour the batter into the butter. DO NOT STIR.

Pour the peaches on top of the batter. DO NOT STIR.

Place the dish in an oven pre-heated to 350°. Bake for 50-60 minutes until bubbly and golden brown on top.

Remove from oven and let cool a bit before serving. It’s really hot. Smile.


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