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Home Fries Recipe

Follow our easy, step-by-step, photo illustrated recipe to learn how to make delicious Home Fries from scratch. Great for breakfast or anytime. Printable recipe included.

Southern style Home Fries are perfect for breakfast, but good at any meal. Made with fresh potatoes and browned in a cast iron skillet, these potatoes will have you asking for seconds.

My wife use to make the best breakfast meals. It was just one of her specialties and something we looked forward to, especially on Saturday. Since the kids were in school and we both worked through the week, being able to just sit down together and relax over a big breakfast couldn’t help but start the weekend off right.

Her biggest specialty was scrambled eggs, and try as I may, I cannot seem to duplicate her technique. And while I do enjoy scrambled eggs, I really prefer them “over-medium” with just a bit of the yolk still runny.

Don’t get me wrong on this part either. Grits are good, but Home Fries are a step or two better. Agree?

If I’m eating out, I’ll order home fries over the grits any day once I find out they are made fresh in the restaurant. They are just so good for some reason.

At home, I like to use boiled and cooled potatoes to make home fries as it takes less time in the morning for them to cook and brown. So, when I’m boiling potatoes for mashed potatoes, I throw a couple extra in the pot, then refrigerate them overnight so they’re ready to cube up and cook the next morning.

I prefer them with the flavor of garlic, and those onions and potatoes frying in the pan will wake you up from a deep sleep if you’re fortunate enough to have someone else preparing breakfast for you. Smile.

So, if you’re ready to make some of your own, then let’s head on out to the kitchen, and… Let’s Get Cooking!

Southern Home Fries Recipe, you’ll need these ingredients.

Please note that I’m using boiled potatoes to make these. You could certainly use raw potatoes, but this helps cut down on the cooking time some, especially since I had extra boiled potatoes left over from making mashed potatoes. Smile.

Cube the potatoes. As mentioned, these are boiled potatoes that I cooled overnight in the refrigerator. Generally, I slice them the long way, then cut across the lengths to make small cubes. Just try to keep them all about the same size so they will cook more evenly.

Remove the skin from the onion, then slice it into small pieces.

Place a skillet over Medium heat on your stove top. When the skillet warms up, add the bacon grease and let it melt. Bacon Grease is full of flavor and perfect for our home fries. If you don’t have it, or don’t use it, add a small amount of oil and a Tablespoon of butter instead.

Add the sliced onions to the skillet.

Add the potatoes.

Add the garlic powder. As little, or as much, as you prefer.

Sprinkle a good coating of black pepper over the top.

Then add a bit of salt to taste.

Stir everything around in the skillet and let it cook until the onions are translucent and the potatoes are lightly browned. This takes about 8-10 minutes, but times will vary of course.

When the onions and potatoes are done to your approval, top it with a bit of ketchup. Doesn’t take a lot, and you could add more as you go, so go gently to begin with.

Stir the ketchup into the potatoes and let this continue to brown the potatoes for just a minute or two more.


Serve these Home Fries with a couple of eggs cooked just the way you like them along with some ham, bacon, or wieners. YES, those are frankfurters on my plate. YES, they were really good. Smile.

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