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Squash and Onions Recipe

Squash and Onions are easy to make with our complete, step-by-step, instructions.

Southern style Squash and Onions

Squash and Onions Recipe, with printable recipe at bottom of post.

If you have a garden, live close to someone who has a garden, or just know someone who knows someone that has a garden, you’ll probably end up with a good supply of squash during the summer.

Squash is one of those vegetables that just seems to keep on giving. But, that’s a good thing.

Finding a variety of ways to prepare that abundance of squash each year might be more difficult.  You can fry it, bake it, roast it, steam it, stew it, casserole it, pickle it, and a few more things.

I’ve posted several recipes here on Taste of Southern that use yellow squash. This one is probably the simplest and easiest though since it’s just – squash and onions.

Around here, we see yellow squash all throughout the summer. It’s one of the first vegetables that seem to start showing up fresh out of the local gardens.

Mama cooked a good deal of squash back in my younger days. It appeared on the Sunday dinner table quite often, but I wasn’t always a fan. Thankfully, I’m doing better with that now. Smile.

You’ll enjoy this best if you use a younger squash. The seeds inside will be smaller, and will cook up more tender. It’s even better if Vidalia Onions are in season. I just happened to have a few handy today.

I do hope you’ll like it should you make it. It’s a really great side dish, or you can about make a meal out of it by itself.

So, if you’re ready to give this super easy recipe a try, then let’s head on out to the kitchen and… Let’s Get Cooking.

You’ll need these ingredients to make our Squash and Onions.

Begin by slicing your onion.

Place your skillet over Medium heat, then add the butter.

Next, add the bacon grease.

I wanted a little of the added flavor that comes from using bacon grease. If you don’t have it, then just use another Tablespoon of butter instead. Also, using the bacon grease is going to add a little darker color to the finished dish, but it sure does make it taste better. Smile.

Place the onions in the skillet. Stir them around in the butter and bacon grease to coat them.

We will let these cook for about five minutes or so to let the onions become a bit translucent.

While the onions are cooking, go ahead and slice the squash.

You want to wash the squash first of course, then cut off both ends. I cut off most of the smaller long end of the squash as well, as it will cook much quicker than the bigger slices. You can keep it and slice it if you like. I just knew I had plenty so I cut that end off and discarded it.

Keep the slices about one quarter of an inch thick in size.

Place the squash in the skillet.

Add the black pepper.

Add the salt.

And a little bit of sugar makes about everything taste better according to Mama. Add that in.

Give everything a gentle stir, then cover the skillet.

Cover, then lower the heat to Medium Low.

Let this cook, covered, for about 15 minutes.

Cook until tender, stirring as needed.

These were well done in 15 minutes for me. When the squash starts to look translucent, it’s done. Just cook it to the way you like it. Some folks like it with a little crunch, but I like mine well done. Smile.


Squash and Onions make for a great side dish. All you need is a fried bologna sandwich for the main entree and you’ll be good to go. Good stuff.

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