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Kangaroo Egg Pockets Recipe

Follow our easy, step-by-step, recipe to learn how to make these Kangaroo Pita Egg Pockets. Handheld breakfast pockets are super easy. Printable recipe included.

We’ll share the basics on how to make these Kangaroo Pita Pockets. The variations and possibilities from there are almost endless. Quick and easy to make, easy to hold and eat.

What’s the hardest part about making this breakfast sandwich? Catching the Kangaroo of course. Sorry, I couldn’t resist that one. Please forgive me. Smile.

This is a really quick and easy idea to change up breakfast a little, but without going to too much extra effort. You can even let the kids help out with this one. They’ll love the name.

Many years ago, and I do mean a good number of years back, my wife and I were walking through some of the exhibits at our North Carolina State Fair. One of the booths was giving a little presentation on eggs, and they were handing out these unique samples. They even gave you a recipe card so you could make them at home.

It seems the North Carolina Egg Association was trying to promote eggs, and to make it even better, they were giving out samples of some ways to prepare eggs. They had me at samples. Smile.

Even with all the aroma’s of regular fair food around us, these little pita bread pockets stuffed with North Carolina raised eggs, were mighty tasty and a welcome treat for us all. I hope you will like them as well.

I’ve included a photo of the recipe card they handed out that day. I came across it recently while clearing some old papers out of file folders in my desk. Not really sure why I saved it. I know my wife made them for us several times after we returned home from the fair, but then, the recipe just sort of got put aside. Until I found it again.

This is pretty basic. You can probably already think of lots of things you could add to it to make it even better. But, that’s the whole idea. Give you the basics, then let you get creative on your own. Smile.

So, ready to give our recipe a try? Alright then, let’s head on out to the kitchen, and… Let’s Get Cooking!

Kangaroo Pita Pockets – You’ll need these ingredients.

For the record, as of the date of this writing, the pita bread was $3.99 and the eggs… just .48cents a dozen. Go figure.

Place the eggs in a small mixing bowl.

Use a fork or whisk to beat the eggs really well. Be sure the yolks and whites are blended well. You don’t want to see any streaks of egg whites in your beaten eggs.

Place a skillet on your stove top. Set the heat about halfway between Low and Medium. You don’t want to cook the eggs too fast. When the pan gets heated up, add the oil and butter. You only need about one teaspoon of oil, and one teaspoon of butter. The oil helps to keep the butter from burning.

Pour the eggs into the skillet and let it cook a few seconds.

As the eggs start to cook, use a spatula and pull the eggs from the outside edge to the center of the skillet. I should have started this a little sooner. You can see mine had started to firm up all across the bottom. Just continue to pull from the outside edge to the inside, all around the skillet, until the eggs begin to look done.

When the bottom of the eggs look done, you’ll still see a wet surface on the top section. Take your spatula and flip the bottom over on to the top of the eggs. They will continue to cook, so we want to get them out of the pan as quickly as possible.

Remove the eggs from the skillet. Place them on a plate or in a bowl while you prepare the pita pockets.

My wife always cooked the prettiest and fluffiest scrambled eggs. I think I still cook mine too fast. I’ve never been able to match what she did.

To heat the pita bread, place one in your skillet. Let it warm up, then flip it over to warm the other side. This only takes about 30 seconds per side, depending on the heat of your stove top.

Using a sharp knife, cut the pita pocket in half.

What’s an egg sandwich without some Duke’s Mayonnaise? Add it if you like. Then, scoop half of the scrambled eggs into each pocket.


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