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Jane Parker Chocolate Fruitcake Review

We test the all new Chocolate Fruitcake from the folks at They’ve brought back the original Jane Parker fruitcakes with the original recipes, and have added a few more.

We’re taste testing the new Jane Parker Chocolate Fruitcake from the folks at They’ve brought back the A&P Jane Parker brand fruitcakes with the original recipes, and they’ve recently added a few new versions as well.

I’ve had the great pleasure to enjoy the return of the Jane Parker line of baked products over the past couple of years. I’ve been honored that they have chosen me to work with them to introduce our readers to the return of these original recipe fruitcakes, Spanish Bar Cakes, and more.

As a quick recap, my brother worked for the A&P Grocery stores back in the day. He worked his way up from stock boy to manager, and worked with them for many years. He has told me lots of stories about his work days with the Great Atlantic and Pacific Tea Company as it was once known.

A&P changed the way folks shopped for groceries. They were great innovaters and even had their own bakeries that made many of the breads and baked goods sold in their stores. The Jane Parker brand was one of those, and they became very well known for their Jane Parker Fruitcakes at Christmas time. With stores across America, households everywhere enjoyed their products.

A&P failed to keep up with the new chains of grocery stores coming out and eventually went bankrupt and closed all of their stores. The Jane Parker brand was gone and folks everywhere missed their famous cakes and other items.

Several years back, two brothers up in New York purchased the Jane Parker brand along with the original recipes at an auction. They worked hard for years to bring back some of the Jane Parker items and keep adding to the list every year as they move forward.

They brought back the Original Recipe Jane Parker Fruitcakes a couple of years back and have had great success with the cakes since then. Just recently, they brought back another favorite, the Spanish Bar Cake. I’ve had the pleasure to review and test them all, and you can see those reviews at the links listed here.

Jane Parker Classic and Dark Fruitcakes Review

Jane Parker Spanish Bar Cakes Review

I’m excited once again to try out this new flavor created by Chris and his brother Alex in New York. You can view all the originals, and a couple of newer versions of the cakes on their website at

I’m excited to share my results with you below.

Disclaimer: I was provided with cakes to test and review. All the opinions are my own.

Like the Classic and Dark Fruitcakes, the Jane Parker Chocolate Fruitcakes are available in a 2 pound Christmas TIN that makes a perfect gift, and a 1 pound bar that is great for snacking on.

Shipping is included in the price when you order any of the cakes from

The cakes are cellophane wrapped once they are baked to insure you receive a fresh, moist cake each and every time.

I’m going to slice into this one and give the 2 pound tin to my brother and his family to enjoy before Christmas.

Look at all the pecans on the top of this cake. Good stuff. Smile.

Here’s a photo of the 32 ounce Chocolate Fruitcake from Jane Parker. I borrowed this photo from their website so you could see the pecans, cherries and raisins on the top of the cake. There’s plenty on the inside of the cake as well.

See what I mean? Lots of raisins, cherries and pecans go into this fruitcake. They refer to them as “glace cherries,” and you’ll also find some bits of glace pineapple and orange peel as well.

This Chocolate Fruitcake is made following the original Jane Parker Fruitcake recipe that folks loved for years and purchased from the old A&P Grocery stores in years past. The chocolate version includes the addition of cocoa powder and it’s 2/3rds full of fruit and nuts to make for one more delicious fruitcake.

I must admit, I’m one of those people that likes fruitcake. I know lots of people don’t care for them, but I suspect they’ve only had bad fruitcakes in the past. I don’t think you’ll be disappointed with this new Chocolate version of an old time classic from Jane Parker.

The addition of the cocoa powder sets this off in a class by itself. It’s just enough chocolate to please a chocolate lover, but not overpowering in it. Slightly sweet with lots of nuts and fruits. It’s just the right blend in my opinion.

The 32 ounce ring cake will serve 10-16 slices while the 16 ounce cake serves 5-8 slices. They also offer the 16 ounce cake in a Christmas tin for just a couple of dollars more so you can give them as gifts to all your family and friends.

They have a variety of gift options for you on their website. Something for everyone on your gift list. Check it out.

Did I mention – they are baked right here in the good old USA. How cool is that?


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