Jane Parker Chocolate Fruitcake Review

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Jane Parker Chocolate Fruitcake

We test the all new Chocolate Fruitcake from the folks at They’ve brought back the original Jane Parker fruitcakes with the original recipes, and have added a few more.


Jane Parker Chocolate Fruitcake, enjoy.
We’re taste testing the new Jane Parker Chocolate Fruitcake from the folks at They’ve brought back the A&P Jane Parker brand fruitcakes with the original recipes, and they’ve recently added a few new versions as well.


Jane Parker Chocolate Fruitcake, slider.

I’ve had the great pleasure to enjoy the return of the Jane Parker line of baked products over the past couple of years. I’ve been honored that they have chosen me to work with them to introduce our readers to the return of these original recipe fruitcakes, Spanish Bar Cakes, and more.

As a quick recap, my brother worked for the A&P Grocery stores back in the day. He worked his way up from stock boy to manager, and worked with them for many years. He has told me lots of stories about his work days with the Great Atlantic and Pacific Tea Company as it was once known.

A&P changed the way folks shopped for groceries. They were great innovaters and even had their own bakeries that made many of the breads and baked goods sold in their stores. The Jane Parker brand was one of those, and they became very well known for their Jane Parker Fruitcakes at Christmas time. With stores across America, households everywhere enjoyed their products.

A&P failed to keep up with the new chains of grocery stores coming out and eventually went bankrupt and closed all of their stores. The Jane Parker brand was gone and folks everywhere missed their famous cakes and other items.

Several years back, two brothers up in New York purchased the Jane Parker brand along with the original recipes at an auction. They worked hard for years to bring back some of the Jane Parker items and keep adding to the list every year as they move forward.

They brought back the Original Recipe Jane Parker Fruitcakes a couple of years back and have had great success with the cakes since then. Just recently, they brought back another favorite, the Spanish Bar Cake. I’ve had the pleasure to review and test them all, and you can see those reviews at the links listed here.

Jane Parker Classic and Dark Fruitcakes Review

Jane Parker Spanish Bar Cakes Review

I’m excited once again to try out this new flavor created by Chris and his brother Alex in New York. You can view all the originals, and a couple of newer versions of the cakes on their website at

I’m excited to share my results with you below.

Disclaimer: I was provided with cakes to test and review. All the opinions are my own.


Jane Parker Chocolate Fruitcake, overhead.
Like the Classic and Dark Fruitcakes, the Jane Parker Chocolate Fruitcakes are available in a 2 pound Christmas TIN that makes a perfect gift, and a 1 pound bar that is great for snacking on.

Shipping is included in the price when you order any of the cakes from


Jane Parker Chocolate Fruitcake, cello wrapped.
The cakes are cellophane wrapped once they are baked to insure you receive a fresh, moist cake each and every time.

I’m going to slice into this one and give the 2 pound tin to my brother and his family to enjoy before Christmas.

Look at all the pecans on the top of this cake. Good stuff. Smile.


Jane Parker Chocolate Fruitcake, 2 pounder.
Here’s a photo of the 32 ounce Chocolate Fruitcake from Jane Parker. I borrowed this photo from their website so you could see the pecans, cherries and raisins on the top of the cake. There’s plenty on the inside of the cake as well.


Jane Parker Chocolate Fruitcake, sliced.
See what I mean? Lots of raisins, cherries and pecans go into this fruitcake. They refer to them as “glace cherries,” and you’ll also find some bits of glace pineapple and orange peel as well.

This Chocolate Fruitcake is made following the original Jane Parker Fruitcake recipe that folks loved for years and purchased from the old A&P Grocery stores in years past. The chocolate version includes the addition of cocoa powder and it’s 2/3rds full of fruit and nuts to make for one more delicious fruitcake.

I must admit, I’m one of those people that likes fruitcake. I know lots of people don’t care for them, but I suspect they’ve only had bad fruitcakes in the past. I don’t think you’ll be disappointed with this new Chocolate version of an old time classic from Jane Parker.

The addition of the cocoa powder sets this off in a class by itself. It’s just enough chocolate to please a chocolate lover, but not overpowering in it. Slightly sweet with lots of nuts and fruits. It’s just the right blend in my opinion.

The 32 ounce ring cake will serve 10-16 slices while the 16 ounce cake serves 5-8 slices. They also offer the 16 ounce cake in a Christmas tin for just a couple of dollars more so you can give them as gifts to all your family and friends.

They have a variety of gift options for you on their website. Something for everyone on your gift list. Check it out.

Did I mention – they are baked right here in the good old USA. How cool is that?


Jane Parker Chocolate Fruitcake, enjoy.

My thanks to Chris and Alex at for providing me with the Chocolate Fruitcake to review. I enjoyed how moist and fresh the cake was and I might have had more than one slice. Shhh – don’t tell. Smile.

I want you to be able to try it too. Would you like to WIN one of them? Keep reading.


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Here’s how this Giveaway went.

Jane Parker Chocolate Fruitcake, giveaway.
We’re going to give one lucky reader one of the 32 ounce Jane Parker Chocolate Fruitcakes in the special Christmas tin to enjoy for the holidays. You have to hurry and enter though, the contest ends soon so we can get the cake to you as soon as possible.

I’m also giving away a very special “Mystery Gift” as the 2nd prize in our giveaway. I can’t tell you what it is, but it’s coming straight from my home here at Taste of Southern. I do think you’ll like it though.

And, as a 3rd prize, I’m throwing in a $25.00 Gift Card from Amazon. I’ll email it to you if you win. It’s super easy to enter, just follow the instructions below.

Answer this question in the Comments below.

Question:  What’s the one Christmas gift you gave or received in the past that means the most to you?

There is no right or wrong answer, just leave a Comment and you’re entered in the giveaway.

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Good Luck, and thanks for entering.


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  1. Evangeline Richardson says:

    My husband surprised me one year and gave me a really big gift card to Williams Sonoma and it honestly is one present I absolutely loved!

  2. Annette Warden says:

    The best gift was learning that my husband was cancer free after his debilitating treatments. Although my husband has gifted me with many beautiful and sentimental items, one being a birthstone ring I hinted at for years and wear daily, the gift of his being able to share his life with me means more than any physical gift. We were and are truly blessed.

  3. Deborah Kallgren says:

    My grandmother was born in 1916, the youngest of four. She married during the Great Depression, and the young couple lived with her parents, because, as she said, you couldn’t buy a job. Nana was 27 when her mother dropped dead of a stroke, and it hit her hard. She had one photo of her mother: a small dog-eared and worn sepia-toned portrait from 1907. I took it to a photo restorer who enlarged it a bit and picked out a nice frame. They did a great job. When Nana opened it Christmas morning, she was overjoyed. Best gift I ever gave.

  4. libby rouse says:

    In 1965 when I was newly married, my Daddy gave me a made in 1875 Ansonia Steeple Mantel Clock, for Christmas! I cried happy tears, as he loved old clocks, and wanted me to have this special one. I am now 80 and it is still tick tocking and chiming away, on my mantle. This will always be my most special Christmas present, that still brings me so many beloved memories everyday!

  5. The best gift I ever received was a hefty bag full of toys for my two year old daughter. I was a single parent, my husband long gone and unheard from, and I was struggling to pay the rent, daycare, gas and all of life’s necessities. By the end of it I had less than ten dollars left. No money for a tree or gifts. When I went to work one day, I was called to the office where there was a huge bag of toys handpicked by the director and her family. I cried. I was grateful and touched. Thirty years later, I still remember this true show of what Christmas and Christ like means.

  6. Shelia Bett says:

    My husband gave me a tiny Shih Tzu puppy many years ago. She has crossed the Rainbow Bridge now but I think of her almost every day. Definitely the best present since I’ve been an adult.

  7. David Utz says:

    At the age of 12 I received the most awesome BMX bike. It was a diamondback formula 1 racing bike The entire bike was chrome Molly Oakley be one bees grips formula 1 racing tires and bear claw pedals it was the fastest bike in town. I wrote it everywhere and I was so proud of it. I wiped it down every evening when I got home. Unfortunately while in college my brother and his friend decided to ride my bike and it was stolen at his friends house…To this day I miss that bike.

  8. John Lapitsky says:

    My dad had Alzheimer’s. A week before Christmas he went into the hospital with pneumonia. The doctors did not give him much longer. I called my family from around the country and they came to New York. We all went to the hospital on Christmas Day. He knew everybody! Even the grandchildren. We all wished him a Merry Christmas and left. He passed the following day. We will never forget that Christmas.

  9. Renee Parker says:

    As a small child I had never been given a teddy bear. I mentioned this to my older sister, Carolyn. On the Christmas of my 13th year, she gave me a teddy bear. I still have that teddy bear 43 years later. It was the best feeling in the world to open that gift! Still means so much to me!

  10. Angela says:

    My favorite gift was a book of my mothers recipes handwritten by her. Praying for you and hope you are feeling much better.

  11. William says:

    I’ve read through each of the subscribers’comments….so many good Christmas memories here. To me the best gift anyone could receive is the gift of love that God gave the world through the birth of His son Jesus. Merry Christmas Steve. Still praying for you as you recover from your recent health issues. God is so good!

  12. Patricia Thompson says:

    In 1964 although we were very poor, my mother skimped and pinched pennies for almost a year to buy me a typewriter for Christmas. She was a beautiful mother and person!

  13. Tammy says:

    My favorite Christmas was years ago when my Mom and I gave my sister a bird cage and a parakeet. My sister was born blind and was like a kid in a candy store at Christmas time. She couldn’t see the bird but the joy came from hearing the chirps from that bird. Oh how I miss them both. Steve, I love your emails and recipes. Your recipes remind me of how my Mom cooked. The A&P and Spanish bar cake brings back memories of my childhood. My Mom and I would walk 5 blocks from home to the A&P. Take care and get well soon.

  14. Teresa Diane Kirkland says:

    My son, he was a early gift from God by 6 days in 1980. Since then more memories have been made with famiy which is a gift

  15. Janna Perkins says:

    A cookbook featuring all of my mimi’s treasured recipes! Mom had it printed, and each of us siblings as well as other family members received one. I still have mine and use it on a daily basis. Every time I open it, makes me smile and think of Mimi. She passed, several years back.

  16. Margaret Lynn says:

    My Daddy loved to fish. So one Christmas back in the 60’s I decided to get him a fishing reel that he was thinking about getting — but never did. He talked about it so much I couldn’t understand why he didn’t just go ahead & get it. He never did. So I got the bright idea of getting him a Christmas gift certificate to the sporting goods store where we would go to buy fishing bait before we went fishing. I knew that reel that he wanted would be there for him. I will never forget when he opened his gift certificate. It was my first ever gift certificate experience to buy & my Daddy’s first gift certificate he ever received. It brought tears to my eyes to see his face light up so. I saw the little kid inside of him come out. He was so happy & excited.

  17. Rodney Edmonds says:

    I just love spending time with family and making more memories. Of course, eating is also a plus.

  18. Terry Helm says:

    A leather jacket Momma gave me in 1980. My favorite gift ever cause I know she picked it out for me and knows my tastes.

  19. cj Thomas says:

    My dad gave me the .22 he had as a kid when I turned 13. It was disassembled and I had to put it together.That was 1967. I still have it. That was the best Christmas of my youth.
    As a young adult, I got a bundt pan from my mother in law, a woman I loved greatly and miss still. I have never used a cake pan as much. I still use it.

  20. Christy says:

    I usually receive text messages from all of my dear friends and knowing you are loved is the best gift.

    I have been praying for you, Steve.

  21. Sonia M Creech says:

    My favorite gifts are the ones my grandchildren give me that are handmade. They are so precious to me. They have no idea that I keep them. One day they will find them when they clean out my attic after my demise . Hopefully they will shed a tear and a smile and remember how much they are truly loved.

  22. Rich says:

    A chess set my dad picked out for me. He has passed but I still remember

  23. Marilyn says:

    The best gift I ever rec’d was when my 2 young sons put their money together & asked my mom, their grandmother, to use it to purchase a Mother’s ring. She thought it was funny b/c they only had $7. She put the rest w/it and bought me a beautiful ring.

  24. Wendy says:

    My husband- we got engaged at Christmas 22 years ago and I’m very blessed the Lord brought him into my life. He’s truly my best friend and a wonderful father.

  25. Mike Carrington says:

    I gave my son a set of glass storage containers. He has a family of 5 to cook for and he’s a wonderful cook. He’s been using plastic but glass is so much better, though expensive,

  26. Mary G says:

    Going with my family to visit at a nursing home on Christmas Eve. It was very heartwarming. God blessed me that night.

  27. Frank Fulmer says:

    Amazon gift card from my son,

  28. Mary Barnett says:

    Two pieces of “found art” that our son (now deceased) had framed and gave them to us when he had no money to buy Christmas gifts a few years ago.

  29. Deb says:

    Steve…I’ve been reading but haven’t written you to say I’ve prayed for your situation. Sorry to read you had to be in the hospital! I sure hope you’ll be improving very soon! While you were suffering there, Granny was also in the hospital suffering. At 92 she definitely needed an advocate but I couldn’t be with her. It was not a good situation. She’s home now but the caregiving has been heavy duty, and home health nurses and PT are coming in each week so I could really identify with everything you wrote. She has CHF too.
    To answer your best gift question, as a teenager growing up I received a Smith-Corona blue typewriter. I loved it! I had dreams of one day working in an office, so I ended up being a secretary for 10 years, back when typewriters were the going thing. I met my husband when he came for an interview at the company where I worked. He turned down the job and took the secretary. Smile.

  30. Donald G Thorn says:

    When I was 11 years old I gave my brother who was in college a meatloaf pan and my Mom’s meatloaf recipe so he could make his own meatloaf while he was away at college. He loved it.

  31. Joy McMahan says:

    As a 5 year old back in the early 60’s all of the older girls at church had Bibles with white covers. I saw those and thought they were the prettiest Bibles I had ever seen. I wanted one too. It had all the same words as our big family Bible so I knew it was a real one. Almost 60 years later I was able to use that “old” Bible to show some Sunday School children that the Bible is still the same as it was a long time ago. This gift meant more to me than I can ever say. It just keeps on giving

  32. Fawn Bowden says:

    A monogrammed cake pan from my aunt when I turned 18 🙂 Made me feel like I was finally an adult!

  33. Clara Smith says:

    I was expecting twins in 1980 and went into labor on Dec 22. It had been a bit of a stressful pregnancy and and the babies were coming 3 weeks early. Although it was not how I had hoped the outcome would be the best christmas present was one healthy living baby girl who has been a delight and a wonderful daughter, giving me 4 wonderful grand children. God is merciful.

  34. Lynne says:

    I love fruitcake! My grandmother had a recipe for dark fruitcake with cocoa as one of the ingredients. As for gifts, one year I searched everywhere for a movie my husband wanted. Seeing the joy on his face when he opened it, made all the effort so worthwhile. Every Christmas thereafter he watched it, and often during the year as well. A small thing, but it brought him pleasure.

  35. jeanne engley says:

    The gift of homemade is always the most special. I make socks to give and everyone loves them. I’m sure the kids would rather have toys etc, but they don’t complain! Have a blessed holiday!

  36. Karen White says:

    A few years ago, right before Christmas, my brother was hit head on by a drunk driver. He had serious injuries and we didn’t know if he was going to make it.
    What a gift when we found out he was going to be ok!
    We celebrated Christmas from his hospital room that year.

  37. Kathryn Ransom says:

    Steve? First thing… is that Prayers are continuing to go up for you Dear heart !! We love you and God loves you !! You hang in there !! NOW… My most memorable and precious gift was a handmade book my Twin sister gave us she called the “Star Book” featuring biblical verses and hand drawings and crafts. My sister had it rough financially taking care of my Brother who had a stroke at an early age. So, Barb took what she had available and made a most precious book that we put out every Christmas in a place of honor. Since then she has given us other handmade items but the “Star Book” was very special. AND she has improved financially. GOD IS THE ANSWER AND GOD IS GOOD ALL THE TIME … GIVE YOUR BURDENS TO HIM AND HE WILL TAKE CARE OF YOU !!

  38. Kay Burns says:

    I love this “contest” and to read others gifts is a great blessing for me. It is also wonderful to hear my sweet daughters college roommate and still best friend likes fruitcake. I really appreciate knowing that.
    My favorite gifts at Christmas is when I see what our children do for one another. We tried to raise three children who know and follows The Lord. Sometime they show that, and sometimes I just have to pray more-Num 6:24-26

  39. Julie C. says:

    Every Christmas I try to carry on our family traditions and “make memories” for my daughters and grandson. For me, that is the most precious gift a mother can give to those she loves.

  40. Robin R. says:

    After the movie “Titanic” came out, my husband gave me a copy of the heart necklace from that movie. I still look at it and smile.

  41. Tracy Lee says:

    I received my engagement ring for Christmas. We just celebrated our 29 wedding anniversary, so I would say it was a pretty good gift (that has kept on giving).

  42. Martha says:

    A framed picture of our first grandchild – meant so much to us!

  43. Mary Daffin says:

    I received a birthstone charm with my Grands on it!!

  44. The best gift are the gifts that are handmade and made from the heart. I always enjoy sitting with mom every year putting together gifts for the family. I also truly enjoy baking and making all the baked goods for the guys in the field. (I think they like that too. Smile)

  45. Leigh Anne Ellis says:

    My favorite Christmas gift was my grandmother’s engagement ring. She gave it to me the Christmas I turned 18 yes old. I wear it every day.

  46. When my husband and I were dating…a long distance relationship…I mentioned that I could not find Malt o Meal in Massachusetts, and that this was my favorite breakfast cereal. (Don’t ask me why were were talking about this….LOL). When he came to visit me, one of the Christmas presents was a box of Malt o Meal. I was so touched! Bottom line, I married him a year later! I felt this was such a thoughtful present…..he is still that thoughtful, many years later.

  47. Bushrod says:

    For Christmas, my parents gave me a Remington 22 speedmaster rifle. I was 13 years old. I still have rifle today.

    Helping those in need is always a joy, especially at Christmas time.

  48. Mitzi Curtis says:

    I’ve found the best gifts I’ve given have been hand or homemade. Whether sewn, constructed, canned or cooked they’re always remembered. The same for received hand/homemade gifts, love them all.

  49. Kathy Wolfe says:

    I got a huge box of chocolates covered cherries. They were so good. I ate one a day to make them last longer. The ones I find today just don’t compare.

    • Griff says:

      The best Christmas gift was having the whole family together, including nieces and nephews. My Grandma always expected everyone to be there. Now as time has passed and relatives have passed, the get togethers are mostly immediate family. Now with Covid, no one is there. Those early memories bring on tears at Christmas.

  50. Sharon says:

    We received a wonderful soft blanket, from my sister!

  51. Sherryl Hagele says:

    My mother-in-law gave me her family’s cookbook.

  52. Alicia Day says:

    Probably my most memorable gift from childhood was a Barbie camper. I always liked to play with Barbie dolls, and the camper was so cool to a little girl.

  53. Elaine Smith says:

    The most meaningful gift I have ever rec’d for Christmas was $600 from my Granny while I was pregnant with my first child. In 1979, that was a small fortune. It was so unexpected because she had so little and needed it for herself and her own needs.

  54. Mary Newberry says:

    The best Christmas gift I received was last year when my son and his girlfriend said they were going to have a baby( my first grandchild) I am so blessed.

  55. The best Christmas gift I have received is a framed picture if my daughter’s family. I call them the Jrom crew! They mean everything to us( Mimi&PopPop). I have to say that equally as precious is our son visiting from out of state with his puppy. Family is everything!

  56. Barbara Ruster says:

    My best gift was seeing my mother at Christmas. She came home from rehab & we decorated her house. She walked in & said hello house. I’ll never forget that.

  57. Sandra W. says:

    The greatest Christmas gift is my salvation through my Lord and Savior Jesus Christ.

  58. Mary Lott says:

    My favorite gift is a picture from a friend while in Jerusalem.

  59. The best Christmas was when my entire family were all together

  60. Betty Goodman says:

    A red leather bound Bible with my name on it was given to me by the pastor of my church several years ago. I had been using my mothers old Bible and he and I didn’t want it to get more damaged than it was already.

  61. Theresa Gagne says:

    The gift I receive at Christmas and love to give is hospitality. I love to have our family and friends at our table eating the best foods I can conjure up. I have tried for years to cut back on the traditional foods but everyone has their special taste of tradition. God has blessed up greatly every day of the year. His Son and Himself are the greatest gift I receive at Christmas and every day of my life.

  62. Cynthia Davis says:

    I was around 10, out with my younger siblings to choose a Christmas gift for my Mom.My eyes fixed on a very shiny necklace and earrings set that I knew she’d love it because it was so ‘beautiful’. My siblings agreed and we pooled our meager funds and purchased it (it couldn’t have been more than $15, possibly $10). On Christmas Day, my mother smiled big, clapped her hands and promptly put them on. We admired our shiny gifts as they sparkled all day. She made a point of putting them back in the box for safe keeping that evening. From time to time, we’d ask about them and she’d take them out of the box and wear for a day, then put them away for safe keeping. When she passed 7 years ago, that box and the ‘jewelry’ were still safely tucked away amongst her fine jewelry. The fact that she kept the set all those years (I’m now 68) as we moved all over the place due to my Dad’s job, brings tears and a big smile.

  63. David Williams says:

    Growing up I spent every Christmas at the old family farm with all the immediate relatives on my mother’s side of the family. The good times we shared were the best gift of all for it is those that I remember, not so much presents I received or gave. Almost all my relatives are gone now and I do not even live in the same state anymore. Those that remain did Zoom for Thanksgiving and are planning on doing it for Christmas with the other side of the family.

  64. Roger M.Reed says:

    I gave my 78 year old grandmother a portable dishwasher one Christmas. She had always wanted one. Thee old home place wasn’t updated and it kept her from having some of the newer appliances. So I worked at age 20 and saved my money until I had enough money to pay for it and have a plumber to update her plumbing enough to allow her to be able to use it. You should have seen her face when she saw that delivery truck pull up to her house. I’ll never forget it as long as I live. At age 65 I still get teary eyed thinking of all she did for me. It was a small gift in comparison to what she had given me.


    I received a Bulova watch years ago from my dad–who has since passed years ago. It mainly sits on my dresser when I don’t wear it and each day when I see it I think about him. It is probably the most important materialistic thing that I cherish.

  66. Lynn says:

    My most treasured Christmas gift as a child was my white leather Bible that had my name imprinted on it in gold letters. It was lost in a move several years ago, but was something I always cherished. Wishing you a wonderful Christmas. Thanks for all the memories your posts bring back to mind.

  67. Doug Dodson says:

    When I finally got a job that I made enough money that I could afford it, I gave my momma and daddy Delta tickets to Hawaii.
    They had dreamed of going, but wouldn’t spend the money.
    They had a great time, and talked about it the rest of their lives! My Dads only complaint was there was no peanut butter!

  68. James Millsaps says:

    So glad you are feeling some better. I, too, had Congestive Heart Failure on October 3, 2020 and was in the hospital for 5 days. I can relate to all you talk about in your recovery. I hate that Lasix but if it is going to keep the fluid out of my body so be it!! I had a hard time breathing and knew something was terribly wrong with me. Sure enough there was: Congestive Heart Failure. Thanks to my cardiologist and her associates they were able to immediately tell what was wrong with me. My feet were swollen and I had breathing problems. I try to take care of myself because I DO NOT want to ever experience this again. I actually thought my days were numbered and I was getting very depressed. I was actually in the doctor’s office when I had my big attack and they immediately called an ambulance and took me to the emergency room. I can’t say enough about how much better I feel now. I do try to watch what I eat and weigh myself and take my medicine like I am suppose too. You DO THE SAME!!! You will find that you will feel much better and become more aware of how lucky we are for following the doctor’s orders. I knew something was wrong with you when I didn’t see your email that Monday morning. I just waited to see if your newsletter would arrive later and sure enough it did. I was elated but I was also saddened that you had had Congestive Heart Failure. Hang in there and I promise you will be just fine as long as you following orders and take your medicine. We all missed you and your newsletter. Glad you had a great Thanksgiving and I am wishing for you a very very Merry Christmas. You will be in my prayers. TAKE THAT MEDICINE AND DO WHAT YOU ARE SUPPOSE TOO AND YOU WILL HAVE ONE OF THE BEST CHRISTMAS’S YOU HAVE HAD IN A LONG TIME.

  69. Karen Miller says:

    Best Christmas gift I’ve ever received is my husband. We were married on Christmas Eve and that is a gift that keeps giving every day.

  70. Thelma Cox says:

    The chocolate JP fruitcake looks great. As for my most memorable Christmas gift receive was probably my collection of HallMark horse Christmas Ornaments. I had a friend who gave my one in the 80’s and then many friends would do the same the next years. I have the collection from 1985 to around 2000 until the last one was made and reired.
    The horses are very pretty and sometimes I decorate one littel tree with only the HarllMark Horses.
    Thanks for all you do Steve for so many. You are so loved by so many and we want you to know how special you are.

  71. Diana Estep says:

    The best Christmas gift I have received is first and foremost my Savior. Next to that would be the Christmas there was no money for presents for my son or husband or myself. That Christmas we all discovered that it was family that was the most important thing of all.

  72. Lori Dom says:

    The year I gave my daughter my car so she could trade it in and buy her first car.I went without a car for a year but She was so proud of herself and so thankful. But anytime I can give or do something for someone is a happy day in my life.

  73. Joyce Moore says:

    My husband. We got married Dec.21,1963.

  74. Marcia Whitmire says:

    My husband was stationed in Germany in the late 1970s and we didn’t believe he would be able to come home for the holidays due to the cost of the airline ticket. Determined to see me and our daughter he scrimped and saved, even going without meals, to be able to afford the ticket home. We didn’t have a lot in those days but we had each other and a love that still lasts after 47 years. He served 24+ years in the Army and somehow we always managed to be together at Christmas whether at home in NC or overseas at his duty station. God has been so good to us. My husband loves fruitcake!

  75. Beverly says:

    My family has really gotten away from gift exchange. Instead we get together as a family and share food and quality time together. We still purchase gifts for the grandchildren and watch them open them to see their excitement. As adults, it is time together and a chance to visit, see each other, and catch up.

  76. Danielle P says:

    A few years ago I collected everyone’s favorite recipes and had a cookbook printed for our family members. It included some pictures and is very sentimental. Not to mention it is easy to find my grandparent’s recipes all in one place.

  77. Stephen Greenfield says:

    In 1994 gave my Dad all his WW2 medals framed with an engraved plaque describing his war record from March 1941 through North Africa, Sicily, Normandy, Belgium, Germany, and the Battle of the Bulge where he was severely wounded.

    When he died at the age of 96, I brought it to my house where it now holds a place of honor.

  78. Stephanie says:

    I received a puppy and he has brought so much joy for almost 14 years! Nothing like the unconditional love of a dog 🙂 Merry Christmas to you Steve!

  79. John E Stockholm says:

    A leather bracelet my daughter gave me with the date I officially was told that I beat Cancer

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