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From time to time, Taste of Southern may test and review various foods, gadgets, utensils and related products here on our website.  That is part of the concept of our site.

When I find a new item or something I think will be of interest to you our reader, I will do my best to give it a fair trial and honest opinion of how that item tastes or works.  This will be my own personal opinion and should not be construed to be anything other than that.  The review could turn out to be good or bad but either way…it will be my honest appraisal. 

Taste of Southern is open to receiving products for review.  If I am compensated in any fashion, full disclosure will be posted at the bottom of that page and review.  I do however retain the right to give an open and honest opinion and promise that I will not be compensated to endorse any product that I don’t personally believe in.

I am not interested in anything alcohol related.  I’ve never as much as tasted any type of wine or alcohol and don’t intend to endorse its use in any fashion.  That’s just me!

If you’re still interested in having us sample or test your product or products, please use our Contact Page to tell us what you have in mind.  I will get back with you and provide you with shipping information.  Utensils and other products tested will not be returned unless you request to do so and provide shipping back to your location.

Additional items for promotion and giveaway will always be greatly appreciated. 

Thank You!

Steve Gordon
Taste of Southern

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