Well, hello again. I know you are saying, where have you been? Well, I’m still here and missing my cousin Steve so, so much.

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Sorry for not maintaining and updating Steve’s website like it should be, but the year of 2023 brought more loss to my family, and I had to undergo Chemo and Radiation treatment through the summer. Well, it’s now 2024 and I am starting out with great hope and prospects for remission from cancer. I will know more after February 12, 2024.

For now, know that I have been taking a webpage admin class to help me navigate Steve’s website. So please be patient with me. I am 65 and not the best tech guru, but I am learning slowly but surely. I hope to be more attentive and create some new post and updates. Please continue to post on the site and I will reply as soon as possible.

Steve was loved by all of the extended and immediate family and our hearts miss him greatly. I take comfort in knowing with my faith, Steve is now with the love of his life, Jesus, number one and Sylvia, his childhood sweetheart and later his wife. I can never replace my cousin Steve, but I hope to bring some news often and new recipes, maintain the site for all his recipes and cookbooks. I am planning to update the site for you to purchase the cookbooks again from the site, so look for that to open up again eventually. For now, email me at if you would like a cookbook. I am in the process of ordering more Cookbook #1’s and the Christmas cookbook. I will get one to you. Please leave me a contact number. Thanks.

Be Blessed, Love Kay

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