Valentines Day Giveaway – Winner Announced

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Valentines Giveaway-2014
WINNER ANNOUNCED:  Just in time for Valentines Day, we’re giving away this Chocolate Nut Carousel to one of our lucky readers.  Direct from Southern Supreme in North Carolina, you’ll enjoy the BEST Chocolate Covered Peanuts, Cashews and Pecans to have crossed your lips in a long, long time.  It’s easy to join in, just answer our simple question and you’re entered.  Contest ended:  February 09, 2014.


Thank You to everyone that entered our Valentines Day Giveaway.  Contest has Ended.

Winner was selected at random via

There was no right or wrong answer.

Valentines Giveaway, slider.
Valentines Day 2014 Giveaway:

With Valentines Day right around the corner, we couldn’t resist the chance to share one of our absolute favorite candies in all the world.  Seriously.  I can’t seem to get my fill lately of Chocolate Covered Peanuts, and I’d really like to share their joy with YOU.

All you have to do is answer this quick and easy question, in the Comments Section below to be entered.

What’s your favorite gift to give, or receive, on Valentines Day?  Chocolate -or- Flowers?

Just leave your answer in the Comments below, and you could win a 20 oz. Chocolate Nut Carousel from our friends at Southern Supreme in Bear Creek, North Carolina.


The winner will be chosen at random at the end of the contest, midnight, February 09, 2014.

You must claim your prize by the deadline.

You must be 18 or older enter.  One entry per person.  There is no right or wrong answer.

Contest is only open to residents of the 48 contiguous United States, with great apologies to our International friends.  One day!

Deadline:  Winner must claim prize by midnight, February 16, 2014.


Valentines Day Giveaway, carousel of nuts.
What You Could Win:  This is the Southern Supreme 20 oz. Chocolate Nut Carousel.  It contains home grown peanuts, along with cashews, pecans, and Brazil nuts, all hand dipped in milk chocolate. Only available during the cooler months, we’ll be shipping one to your house, direct from Southern Supreme, if your name is chosen in our random drawing.  Good Luck!

Southern Supreme is very well known in North Carolina as the maker of the Southern Supreme Nutty Fruitcake.  It’s not your ordinary fruitcake and it’s delivered around the world right from Bear Creek, North Carolina.

I visit Southern Supreme a couple of times each year, and have purchased many of my Christmas gifts from them over the past years.  Each time I visit, I have to grab a box or jar of their Chocolate Covered Peanuts to enjoy on the ride home.  And enjoy them I do.  I could eat the whole jar in one sitting, but somehow I manage to save a few for later.  It’s really tough though.

I know you’ll enjoy this Nutty Chocolate gift and I’d love to send one to you.  Place your answer to our question in the Comment Section below. Again, there is no right or wrong answer, winner will be chosen at random.

Contest ends Sunday midnight on February 09, 2014.  I’ll post the winner the following Monday morning, and you’ll just need to come back to see if you’ve won.  The winner will need to send us your name and mailing address via our Contact Page, and we’ll send your order right out, hopefully in time for Valentines Day.

Important, Technical, Official, Disclaimer Stuff:  This contest is being paid for and sponsored in it’s entirety by Taste of Southern.  We are not affiliated with Southern Supreme in anyway other than we just enjoy their products and want to share our North Carolina goodies with the world.  We will need to share your shipping address with Southern Supreme in order to complete delivery.  Pictures are property of Southern Supreme.  Thanks for tuning in.

NOW:  Go ahead and enter.  Good Luck!

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  1. Nicole says:

    I like getting chocolate, but flowers are always nice too. Either is good for me. 🙂

  2. Rebekah says:

    I prefer flowers myself, but any thoughtful gesture would bring delight to me!

  3. Kathey says:

    Chocolate or any other lovely edible. I always make the men in my life (my husband, brother, and father-in-law)homemade heart shaped scrumptious sugar cookies either iced with buttercream or dipped in milk chocolate with white chocolate drizzles. I of course am the favorite wife, sister and daughter-in-law, even if I am the only one as well;)

  4. Sherry says:

    chocolate – of course!

  5. Kelly D says:

    I like to give and receive chocolate!

  6. Mary Jenkins says:

    I don’t really care for. Valentine’s Day. Isn’t that just so cynical of me? But I like to give and receive chocolate everyday of the year!

  7. Lauren H. says:

    My favorite gift to give and also get is chocolate covered strawberries.

  8. Lynn Faircloth says:

    Chocolate covered nuts !

  9. Amy Micka says:

    I love chocolate AND flowers together❤️

  10. Thelma P says:

    I love to receive chocolate- but now I have grandchildren I give the boys chocolate and the girls a flower they get so happy to be gammie’s little sweetheart for the day even though they are my sweethearts everyday!!!

  11. sandy says:


  12. Jane Andrews says:


  13. Gene Shaver says:

    I like to give and receive chocolates.

  14. Maria says:

    I love to give and receive chocolates 🙂

  15. Kathy says:

    Definitely chocolate!

  16. Linda singleton says:

    Easy one . . Chocolate of course!

  17. Carol says:


  18. Beth peace says:

    Chocolate, of course!

  19. rachel says:

    Flowers are nice, but I swoon for chocolate.

  20. Susie Huggins says:

    Chocolate of course!

  21. Brenda says:

    Fresh flowers

  22. Pam Cockman says:

    I love Chocolate!

  23. Judi Brinegar says:

    Chocolate of course, esp when it comes from Southern Supreme!

  24. Angela Boles says:

    Chocolate, Flowers & a Kiss from my Sweetheart!!!

  25. Beth says:

    Anything from Southern Supreme would make a great Valentine’s Day – LOVE their products!!!

  26. Pam Cockman says:


  27. Cathy Mooney says:

    Both, but really good chocolate is always nice!

  28. Cindy Hedrick says:

    Chocolate of course!

  29. Kay Overman says:

    Chocolate followed by flowers.

  30. Kasey says:

    I prefer to receive chocolates. My favorites are dark chocolate.

  31. Phebe Eason says:

    Chocolates always!!!

  32. Amie Goodman says:


  33. Cynthia Copley says:

    Chocolate all the way baby!!!

  34. K Allen says:

    I love chocolate, nuts, fruitcake, and of course flowers too!

  35. Phyllis Barzdins says:


  36. Charlotte Graham says:

    Lots and lots of chocolates

  37. Toni Beal says:

    I always get my kids something sweet for Valentine’s Day!! Usually whatever they are into at the time!! My kids are my heart!!

  38. Carol Dye says:

    Love chocolate and flowers, but my favorite all time gift would be some Southern Supreme Fruitcake cookies .. everybody that knows me knows that !!

  39. Brenda Brown says:

    I love chocolates the best.

  40. Sharon Sweat says:

    Chocolate or maybe chocolate flowers 🙂

  41. madeline pearson says:

    ♥ chocolate ♥

  42. Lois Chamblee says:

    Any chocolate from Southern Supreme would be my favorite to give or receive! Everything they make is awesome!

  43. David Sides says:

    I prefer to surprise my beautiful wife with a box of chocolates on Valentine’s Day. That way, I can enjoy a piece or two myself. 🙂

  44. Andrea Stephens says:

    I love chocolate but I also love flowers (They’re less fattening!)

  45. Sarah says:

    I love to give and receive dark chocolate

  46. Debra says:

    Milk chocolate! My fav is cashews covered in white chocolate…. awesome…
    But since I’ve recently lost 35 lbs, I guess it should be flowers! 🙂

  47. Sarah G. says:

    Both are great! Flowers are really beautiful, but if I HAD to choose just one, I’ll say chocolate. I have a huge sweet tooth!

  48. Cathy Sewell says:

    I love them both but usually give chocolates, especially if giving to my husband.

  49. GAZELLE Q says:

    Flowers and chocolates!

  50. Ann Turner says:

    If I had to choose between the two, I would choose flowers, but you can never go wrong with chocolate!

  51. Chocolates – for sure :+)

  52. susan says:

    Chocolates are aways better. Flowers usually don’t last that long, but neither does the chocolate, BUT they go better with a good bottle of red.

  53. Hannah says:

    I appreciate receiving potted flowers, which I can then plant, from my dad (I am unmarried).

  54. Deb says:

    Definitely chocolate!

  55. Sheena says:

    Chocolate. It tastes better than flowers 🙂

  56. Denise says:

    I love both but if I had to pick one I would choose flowers especially if they are part of a plant. That way I can remember the gift giver every time I look at it and take care of it. I love to give both to granddaughters.
    I just recently found this site and I immediately tried the beef tips and rice and made your buttermilk biscuits to go with it. The first time I made biscuits from scratch. The pictures and the detail explanations were great!! My husband and I thank you!

  57. Annalee says:

    Definitely CHOCOLATE!
    Ya can’t eat flowers!!!! haha

  58. Amanda Story says:

    Although I would love to have both flowers and chocolates, if I had to choose one I would choose chocolates!

  59. Wendy says:

    Chocolates…flowers die…I dont have a green thumb, but I have a sweet tooth.

  60. Michael says:


  61. Joel Harrison says:

    If i had to pick between the two i would have to go with the chocolate…..But my real gift i would like the most is the gift of just spending time with my wife….that is priceless.!!

  62. Valerie K. says:

    Flowers are nice, but chocolate is the only way to go!!

  63. leona holloway says:

    love chocolate and flowers.

  64. donna hettler says:


  65. Rose says:

    Chocolate!! Been single for so many years I can’t remember when I last received flowers or chocolates.

  66. Dave Greider says:

    While chocolate is always good to the taste, flowers are always a reminder of God’s blessings in creation. Flowers are always good for the soul.

  67. Heather zeh says:

    If I had to choose I’d go with chocolate!

  68. Emily says:

    Although I do love to get both, if I had to pick I would pick chocolate!!! My taste buds are much more appreciative than my eyesight!!! Also, I was in the very small group of people that did not watch the super bowl last night. My husband is not a football fan and I am certainly not. Now if it was a NASCAR race-say like the Daytona 500-he would be all over it!!!

  69. Linda Hayes says:

    I am a little partial to candy especially chocolate but, I love fresh flowers also. I would be very pleased with either one.
    have a great valentines day. Hope to hear from you again real soon.

  70. Cindy Freeman says:

    I love chocolate, but I do eat it on a regular basis, so I would love to get flowers! 🙂

  71. Jake says:


  72. Kandace says:


  73. Greg K says:

    I love to surprise my wife with chocolate covered strawberries and flowers from the grocery store. She likes their bouquets so much better than the ones from a florest and they seem to last forever.

  74. Marilyn H. says:

    I love chocolate and flowers. I also love to give them.

    • Lisa Osborne says:

      My goodness! That’s a tough choice but I have to go with the chocolates! They’re always so yummy, just like everything on your site!

  75. Jennifer says:

    I like either, but if I had to pick one. .. definitely CHOCOLATE! 🙂

  76. Maggie Smith says:

    They are BOTH lovely but I prefer flowers!

  77. Geri Rickard says:

    I prefer chocolates! Hubby used to send flowers years ago, but they made my allergies flare up in my tiny office! So I used to put them out in the lobby, but everyone else got to enjoy them but me!

  78. Carolyn says:

    Hi Steve,
    I prefer getting flowers on Valentine’s. As a matter of fact I love getting flowers antime of the year.

  79. Cindy A. says:


  80. I love chocolate! With nuts, peanut butter, marshmallow, caramel…you get the picture, lol!

  81. Whitney says:

    I love to receive flowers for Valentine’s Day because it is the only day of the year that I get them. 🙂 (I do LOVE chocolate though!)

  82. Amber says:

    Hi Steve,
    Giving and receiving chocolate on Valentine’s Day is a MUST! Of course like any woman, I love to get jewelry as well. And I love making homemade gifts for my boys 🙂

  83. Sylvia says:

    Hello Steve–I like chocolate but I usually say “Just give me the money”!!!

  84. Ellen Sedberry says:

    Love to give and receive chocolate!

  85. Miz Karen says:

    Chocalate. Especially when it has nuts.

  86. Carolyn says:

    I love love love chocolate.

  87. Annie says:

    Love Southern Supreme. Finished off my last slice of fruitcake last night at halftime. Little Debbie small pink hearts are a favorite of mine at Valentines and I try to put one on each co-workers desk on the special day.

  88. Anita says:

    Both are nice gifts to receive, but given the choice, I would pick the chocolates.

  89. Yvonne Lott says:

    Both are fine, but I can share chocolates!

  90. jadip says:

    Def chocolate!

  91. Rachel Cartucci says:

    I am not much on flowers…I love chocolate!!! I’m a southern girl so I love chocolate covered pecans. Thanks…YUM!

  92. lynn w. massey says:


  93. Hi,
    I like to give and get both. Hope you and your family have a wonderful Valentines Day.

  94. Dianne Oertel says:

    I really don’t need to receive an actual gift, just a kiss and hug and a I love you —— (with my husband’s nickname for me).

  95. Terresa (Trish)Wood says:

    I love both chocolates and flowers, and a nice meal that I don’t have to cook. You have an awesome give way. Thanks for the chance to win. If you want more snow all you need to do is come to Michigan, we have more than enough to share. I am getting cabin fever!

  96. Teddy Cain says:

    Chocolates by far.

  97. Marian O'Neal says:

    I love to receive chocolates!

  98. George Hollomon says:

    Flowers are a must. But chocolate is always included so we can share. /G

  99. Amanda B. says:

    Think this one is easy for most of us ladies…we usually like both! Lolz. If I had to pick one…I’d go with the chocolates, unless the flowers are attached to a potted plant. Thats one of my fave gifts for any occasion instead of a floral arrangement…a nice plant that I can enjoy and remember the thoughtful giftgiver each time I care for it. 🙂 As far as giving, I do chocolate because my husband loves it and has yet to mention his favorite flower…:-P

  100. VickiT says:

    My favorite gift to receive is flowers and chocolates. My favorite gift to give to my husband or my 3 sons, would be chocolates and a card.

  101. Rhonda Brewer says:

    I love to get a little chocolate and to have a special date to a nice restaurant.

  102. ginger g. says:

    I’d rather have chocolate any day!

  103. Wanda Hunter says:

    My favorite gift to give to and receive is CHOCOLATE!

  104. Cheryl Davis says:


  105. Beverly J. says:

    Anything that has milk chocolate, I can’t resist. Add chocolate with peanut butter and I am addicted. Love your recipes and your stories. The picture by picture process makes everything look so simple. Thanks so much.

  106. Jessie says:

    I love to give and receive chocolate!

  107. Susan Christy says:

    I love to receive flowers and chocolates.

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