Peggy Rose Jellies Giveaway

| May 3, 2020 | 59 Comments

Peggy Rose’s Jelly Giveaway

We’re giving away some great North Carolina made pepper jelly. It’s easy to enter, just answer one simple question. No answer is right or wrong. Winner will be chosen at random.


Peggy Rose Giveaway, jelly.
Peggy Rose’s Jelly Giveaway

Congratulations to our WINNER

Congratulations to Joan G. 

Joan is the WINNER of our Peggy Rose’s Jelly Giveaway. Thank you to everyone that entered. I enjoyed reading your Comments. Looks like a lot of folks enjoy Pepper Jelly with cream cheese and crackers. We had a good number of folks say they liked that combination.

Okay Joan, I need you to use the CONTACT FORM at the top of the page to send me your complete mailing address so we can forward it to the Peggy Rose’s Jelly Company. They will ship out your winning package of Peggy Rose’s Jellies just as soon as possible. I hope you enjoy them all.

Again, Thank You, to everyone that entered. I will always appreciate your support and participation. We’ll do something again soon, so – stay tuned.


Here’s how our Giveaway took place.

We’re giving away this 3 jar set of delicious Peggy Rose’s Pepper Jelly to one lucky reader here on Taste of Southern.

Prize package will include…

1 Green Pepper Jelly, 10oz jar
1 Golden Pepper Jelly, 10oz jar
1 Hot Pepper Jelly, 10oz jar

It’s so easy to enter. Just answer this one simple question in the Comments section below and you’ll be entered.

Question: Have you ever tried Pepper Jelly?

That’s it, that’s all you have to do and you’ll be entered in our Giveaway. We’d love to know if you’ve ever tried Pepper Jelly. It’s an old Southern favorite, and I know you’re going to love these jars of Peggy Rose’s Pepper Jelly.

Yes Virginia, there really is a Peggy Rose. She’s been making her artisan jellies and condiments for years, right here in North Carolina. Her jellies are sold throughout the Southeast and Mid-Atlantic areas and are available for order online through her website here: Peggy Rose’s Jellies

Check out her full list of items including, jellies, peanut butter, and more by clicking the link. You’re going to love the Peggy Rose brand of jellies and more. And, be sure to check out her recipes online.

Once you’ve tried Peggy Rose’s Jelly, you’ll be saying, “I’ve gotta have more.”


We do have just a couple of rules. I mean, you’ve got to have some rules… right?

Rules. Rules. Rules.

Only one entry per person. You must be over 18 to enter.
Open to residents of the 48 contiguous states, with apologies to all our other visitors.
Contest ends at midnight Eastern time, Saturday – May 09, 2020.
Winner will be posted on Monday, May 11, 2020.

Check back at the end of the giveaway to see if you’ve won and to claim your prize.

Winner must claim prize by midnight Saturday, May 16, 2020.
Winner will be asked to submit your full name and address to us should you win.
Your prize will be shipped direct from Peggy Rose once they have your address.
Winner will be selected at random, via There is no right or wrong answer.

PS: Your Comment will not appear immediately, but be assured you’ll be entered if you leave a comment before the deadline. I’ll approve and post the replies just as quickly as possible. Thanks.
This Giveaway is totally sponsored by Taste of Southern and Peggy Rose’s Jellies with the help of our good friend Wendy Perry.

Good Luck, and thanks for entering.

Be Blessed!!!


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Comments (59)

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  1. Sharon says:

    I don’t remember trying pepper jelly. It sounds very interesting. Would love to try it.

  2. Patricia says:

    Yes, I’ve had pepper jelly and love it mixed with cream cheese on crackers!

  3. Cindy Chambers says:

    Yes,I have eaten pepper jelly.

  4. Mary E Bradshaw says:

    I’ve had pepper jelly on cream cheese and crackers. Would love to try this assortment.

  5. Cindy says:

    No, would love to try it.

  6. Kathleen says:

    Yes, I love pepper jelly and ive made it myself a couple times.

  7. nora ledford says:

    Yes ! love it!!!

  8. Betty Goodman says:

    Yes. I love HOT pepper jelly with cream cheese and Ritz crackers, but never have had this brand of pepper jelly. Hoping I can try them by winning the contest. SMILE, SMILE, SMILE. Enjoy your new letters. Stay safe.

  9. Barbara Jenkins says:

    I’ve never tried pepper jelly but it sounds delicious!

  10. Faye Gay says:

    I have tried Peggy Roses Pepper Jelly!! Just delicious! Wendy Perry is a friend of mine and lives about 2 miles down the road from me. A great friend and cook!! I enjoy your newsletter each week. May God continue to bless you!!!

  11. Clara Smith says:

    Can’t say that I have, but am will to try. Actual answer is No.

  12. David Wiley says:

    Yes, we like to add it to crackers covered with cream cheese.

  13. Sheri Davis says:

    yes ! I have tried Hot pepper jelly . I use it in a Crock pot with Meatballs or Little Smokies and it makes a good appetizer for entertaining or just to enjoy as a snack .

  14. Judy Savage says:

    Never! Sounds very interesting.

  15. libby rouse says:

    Yes, I have tried Pepper Jelly and it was delicious!

  16. Karen White says:

    I love Hot Pepper Jelly with cream cheese and crackers!

  17. Craig P says:

    No , would love to try it.

  18. Mary says:

    My answer would be no. But, that could change with this giveaway!

  19. Angela says:

    Thank you for offering such a great giveaway.Yes, I’ve tried pepper jelly and love it. It is delicious with cream cheese and crackers.

  20. Pamela Gurganus says:

    Yes, I’ve tried pepper jelly and I love it! I like it best spread on toast!

  21. Ruth Horton says:

    I have tried pepper jelly in the past but never PeggyRose’s.

  22. Wendy F. says:

    I’ve never tried it. My grandmother used to make her own but I was always too scared to try it because she had a very high heat tolerance. I’d love to try some, though.

  23. Mary newberry says:

    Oh my goodness. My husband and I love pepper jam. Especially on crackers with some cream cheese.. Or on chicken and steak. I might even try and make it someday. Thanks. I enjoy your newsletter.

  24. Karen McDonald says:

    Yes, I love pepper jelly poured over softened cream cheese and served with crackers.

  25. Paula Schubertt says:

    Yes, I love pepper jelly. I never tried it until I moved up to North Carolina in the late ‘70s. My husband and I moved into a rental house in Chatham County a week after we got married in Gainesville, Fl. He had a job at the RTP and I got a job at UNC-CH. Five years later we bought a house in Durham.

    I learned so much very quickly from my friends and colleagues. Would you believe I never heard of or had a tomato sandwich? The same was true of Pepper Jelly. I love the sweet and spicy tang of pepper jelly. The first time I had it was on softened cream cheese and crackers. Still one of my favorites! I’ll also admit that there is nothing better than pulling a ripe tomatoes off the vine, warmed by the sun, a bag of the cheapest and softest white bread, and a jar of Dukes mayonnaise. Pure bliss!

  26. Tina says:

    Yes! It is delicious!

  27. Patricia Schwartz says:

    I have loved pepper jelly spooned over a block of cream cheese and then spread on crackers! The jelly I’ve had is a beautiful green color and absolutely delicious!!

  28. Well Steve, I’ve never tried Pepper Jelly but sure would like to. I’ve seen it but always been a little intimidated to buy it and try it. I’m up for the likes now,if given the chance. God Bless you.

  29. Faye Haas says:

    I love pepper jelly. Delicious with cream cheese and assorted crackers. I love the hot jelly.

  30. Rebecca Price says:

    Absolutely love pepper jelly. Had a small jar once, and then tried to make some. FAILURE. Would love to win something, although I’m already a winner for having Jesus Christ as mt Lord and Saviour!! Enjoy your site!

  31. Alicia Day says:

    I have tried sweet pepper jelly, but I’m a bit afraid to try to hot pepper jelly.

    Thanks for the giveaway.

  32. Sheri G. says:

    Yes, love it in a variety of recipes. I do make pepper jelly but always enjoy trying others. Thanks for the opportunity to win.

  33. Susan Hines says:

    Yes! I have tried pepper jelly and I have made it! It would be great to try these interesting variations! Always enjoy your Monday posts. Stay well.

  34. Rita says:

    Yes I have made hot pepper jelly, great with cream cheese and Ritz crackers.

  35. Jackie Jenkins says:

    Yes,but there’s nothing like NC pepper jelly. Back in the late 70’s I learned to make it while living there but life interfered with me continuing that. I used to buy it from farmer’s market. I had to move to TN 7 years ago and miss my NC pepper jelly! Yummy!

  36. Joan G. says:

    Yes, I enjoy pepper jelly and keep a jar in my fridge. It is great with cream cheese and crackers, or as a jam in thumbprint type cookies.

    • Paula Schubert says:

      Joan G. I never thought about using it as jam in thumbprint cookies. What a great idea! Thanks for sharing.

  37. Kathy says:

    I like pepper jelly spread on top of cream cheese and eaten with Ritz crackers…

  38. Gina Dickson says:

    I have not tried pepper jelly. My son has made it a few times but he likes everything REALLY hot and I do not so I passed. I would love the opportunity to try some that isn’t made with ghost peppers! Thank you for doing the giveaway!

  39. Dave Nardozzi says:

    No , Looking forward to having some

  40. Martha McCarthy says:

    Yes!! I love pepper jelly!! Great mixed with cream cheese on cracker!

  41. Karen Miller says:

    Love pepper jelly! Tasty and yummy.

  42. Joyce Moore says:

    Yes, but not this one. I really like the ones I’ve tried.

  43. Sharon Ivie says:

    Yes, I’ve tried pepper jelly. It’s really good too!

  44. Mitzi Curtis says:

    Yes! I love it!

  45. YES, I have a jar in my fridge right now.

  46. Yes, and I love it! (especially the hot pepper type) Honestly, I don’t recall if I’ve ever had bell pepper jelly. Sounds delicious. Thanks!

  47. Lori Dom says:

    I have not tried pepper jelly but looks and sounds yummy.

  48. Barbara says:

    No I’ve never tried pepper jelly.

  49. Dana Hunter says:

    No, I have not tried pepper jelly.

  50. Julue says:


  51. Diana Estep says:

    No I haven’t tried Pepper Jelly

  52. Rosemary Locklear says:

    Yes I have! Ritz cracker with a cream cheese schmeer and glob of pepper jelly. Pop the entire thing in your mouth. Can’t assemble the next one fast enough!

  53. Stephen Greenfield says:

    Homemade red pepper jelly was always on the table when I was a kid. Mom and Dad put it on pork and roasted chicken. I tried it when I was about 5 on a leftover biscuit.

    I never made that mistake again. I was in my thirties before I discovered my heat capacity had matured and how delicious it could be.

    Small kids and hot pepper jelly do not mix.

  54. Marge Price says:



    Yes, I have tried pepper jelly.
    Yes, I would love to try Peggy Rose’s jelly!

  56. Bill says:

    Yes, I’ve had pepper jelly

  57. Debbie Bazemore says:

    I love pepper jelly, have not tried Peggy Roses but hope I win so I can try some.

    Thanks for having this giveaway.

  58. Annette says:

    Yes, I grew up eating Pepper Jelly. Love the stuff!

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