New York and Southern Fried Pork Chops

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Southern Fried Pork Chops
What do New York and our Southern Fried Pork Chops have in common?  We take a quick look back on 2012 and share some of the “statistics” about our very first year on the Internet.  It’s a quick behind the scene look at some of the highlights of Taste of


2012 Taste of Southern statistics.
New York and Southern Fried Pork Chops:


This week, I want to take you a bit behind the scenes and, share a quick look at some of the “statistics” behind our first year of Taste of Southern.  You may already know this but, we officially launched Taste of Southern on January 01, 2012.  It’s been an exciting ride thus far and we’re looking forward to being able to continue to share our family recipes with you in the years ahead.

As we begin this New Year of 2013, I thought it might be fun to share a few facts with you about our home here on the Internet.  I’ll try not to burden you down with too many details but, a few might surprise you.  It does me.

Our Most Popular Recipes:
     Southern Fried Pork Chops, surprisingly, turned out to be our most viewed recipe for our first year.  I must admit, I was surprised.
     Banana Pudding, came in a close second.  It was our Number One recipe for about our first 6 months.
     Baked Picnic Ham, which we posted around Thanksgiving, became very popular from the first day it went online.  It was number 3.
     Salisbury Steak, came in 4th.
     Beef Stew, was 5th.


Most Visitors to our site:
     USA:  As I’d expect, we do get most of our visitors from right here in the good old USA…..followed by….
     United Kingdom
     We’ve pretty much gone International with visitors from all around the globe.


Most Visitors by City:
     New York  
     San Francisco

     I’ve only been to New York City once in my life.  I even managed to climb ALL the way to the top of the Statue of Liberty.  At least, to the crown as that’s as far as they would let us go.  That’s a whole story unto itself though.  Ah, the joys of youth…and much better legs and knees.  I’ve always been a big guy and I had many concerns about actually making it to the top.  I’m just proud to be able to say, “I DID IT.”

     My own hometown, came in 12th on the list.


Most Popular Day for Visitors:

     Sunday….is the day we receive the most visitors to our site.  I’m glad to be able to report that the numbers are growing.  We start out with good numbers on Sunday and then seem to sort of slide downhill a bit for the rest of the week.  Holidays or, at least the day or two before a holiday, always bring a good number of visitors to Taste of Southern.

How People Find Us:

     Google…is our friend.  Most people seem to find us through the Google Search Engine.  While some of our recipes rank higher than others in Google Search, we’re always working hard behind the scenes to try and improve our visibility.  Of course, we always appreciate it when you take the time to share some information about us with your family and friends. 


Most Visitors EVER:

     I still remember how excited I was as I watched the visitor count on our site climb to that first 100 mark.  It was a great day and it actually took us about 2 weeks to ever reach that point.  I’m glad to say that our site visitors have risen in numbers of the past year.  We’ve also seen our number of “repeat visitors” on a slow but steady increase.  It’s really good to know that you and your friends keep finding us. 

     Our biggest day ever came on the day right before Thanksgiving.  I guess everyone was looking for How To Recipes for the big day, that’s when our recipe for the Baked Ham became really popular.  Then, we turned right around and had our very BEST DAY EVER, as far as visits, on January 01, 2013.  It was a great way to kick off the New Year and quite a Happy Birthday present for Taste of Southern.


Thank You…and….Looking Forward:

     I’d just like to say Thank You for your continued visits to Taste of  While we spend a good number of hours working on each recipe, it’s all in vain if it doesn’t help someone.  Our whole point and purpose is to save some of the old family recipes from my own family and, to share them with you and yours. 

     There are thousands upon thousands of cookbooks and websites all about cooking.  We’ve tried to be a little different by making each of our recipes a complete….step-by-step, photo illustrated recipe….about Southern Cooking.  ALL of our recipes are “kitchen tested,” right here in my own kitchen.  We’ve got the photos to prove it.  Ha! 

     I hope you’ll continue to visit with us and I’d greatly appreciate you taking the time to Subscribe to our Newsletter.  It’s FREE of charge and we promise not to share your information with anyone.  You can find the Sign Up section to the top right of this page.  Just enter your Email address and we’ll keep you up to date with our latest recipes and any other important information along the way.

     As for the days ahead, I hope to bring you lots more great recipes and…even a few surprises.  I do hope you’ll bookmark our site and continue to check back often as I’m still posting a new recipe each Monday morning at the present time.  I also hope to include a bit more about “Me” in the months ahead.  Maybe share some of our road trips and our farm and market visits with you as well.

     You can also follow us on Twitter if you have a Twitter account.  We’re listed as @tasteofsouthern.  I’ve been asked about Facebook many times but, we haven’t fully decided on that just yet.  Also, I noticed that we’re getting a good number of referrals from Pinterest so…that’s another avenue for us to explore.


     I’d love for you to take a moment and share your comments with us in the section below.  What recipes are you interested in most?  Do you have some suggestions you’d like to share?  Something we do that you don’t like?  It’s not all about me….I need your input as we grow into a community of Taste of Southern Family members.  So, don’t be shy, leave us your thoughts below.  Just remember, all comments are moderated.  That means, I read each and every one of them before they are approved to be posted on our site.  I also try to respond to as many of your comments as possible so, be sure to check back with us often.

     Thank you again…..I’m looking forward to the year ahead and, I thank God for you and your support.

Be Blessed!!!



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