My Super Bowl bet with Charlie Daniels

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Nehi Beverages Sign

As a young boy, a visit to Dauritys East Side Grocery down on Bragg Street most often meant a purchase of a soft drink and a snack of some sort.  First choice was a .10 cent soft drink and then, depending on how much money was left, it was usually candy or cookies for the snack.  Penny candy favorites included Bazooka Joe Bubble Gum, Mary Janes or Peanut Butter Logs.  I liked them all.

East Side Grocery was a small store.  They had two gas pumps outside and that was back in the day when someone from inside the store would come out and actually pump gas for you.  At the time, I was riding a bicycle, but I do remember they pumped your gas. 

It was a family run store.  Mr. and Mrs Daurity always looked after us, or was it, watched over us, whenever me and my friends would stop in.  Once inside, the register was to your right and the drink box was over to the left side of the store.  Must have been a shelf over the drink box because I remember barely being able to reach up to the cookie jars sitting above the drink box. 

The cookies weren’t wrapped back then.  They would just have a big old pile of them inside a glass jar with a metal lid on top.  We didn’t use gloves or tongs either.  You’d just lift the lid, stick your hands in and grab a couple of cookies.  Come to think of it, we probably bought more cookies on the days we’d been digging and selling fishing worms from the old hog pen we had back then.  Ahh…the good life.  I’ll never forget the sound of that metal lid as I’d place it back on the glass jar.  Funny how some things just stick with you.

One of the drinks we’d usually reach for was a Nehi Grape Soda or a Nehi Orange Soda.  They’d be super cold on those hot days and after long journeys on our bikes, we’d be all thirsty and ready for them.  I loved a Tru-Ade Orange drink better than the Nehi but Tru-Ade wasn’t around much for some reason.  Besides, the bottles were small despite how good they tasted and we were looking for more soda for our money.

Having said that, it brings me to the point of this story.  Today is February 05, 2012 and it’s Super Bowl Sunday. 

I’m not into sports, never have been much to any extent, but like everyone else, you can’t miss the fact that there is a big football game taking place today.  I had no plans to watch it.  Hey, I don’t even watch TV anymore anyway.  What few programs I do watch, I view a day or so later here on the internet.  I do have a TV, but it hasn’t been turned on more than 10 minutes in the past 2 or 3 years.  I had already given it up before the big switch to digital TV and even though I purchased one of those digital TV converter boxes, I never hooked it up.  I spend too much time here on the computer.

As you may have read in a previous post, I started “Following” Country Music Legend – Charlie Daniels, on Twitter just a few days ago.  I sent him a Tweet and he replied back.  We exchanged a couple more one afternoon and I learned that he was going to be online during the Super Bowl game today.

I’m not sure why I did it, but I sent Charlie the following Tweet.

Charlie Daniels tweet
I’d read one of his Tweets where he said he was pulling for the Giants.  Since there was only one other team, I figured I’d give it a shot and go with them.  Charlie spent some of his early years in Gulf, North Carolina and I figured he might be amused by my offer.  He replied as follows….

Charlie Daniels tweet #2
Ahhh….he’s interested.

Charlie Daniels tweet
I had to be a bit more specific to make sure the wager would be worthwhile.  Just any old nabs wouldn’t do and I wasn’t sure he could supply what I was looking for way up there at the top of that mountain.

Charlie Daniels tweet
But apparently, he had great knowledge of those bright orange little gems of crackers and peanut butter. 

Charlie Daniels tweet
So the “friendly wager” was ON.  Charlie offered up numerous Tweets during the first half of the game.  Me on the other hand, I began a frantic search to try and find some way to keep up with the game online since I don’t watch TV.  Wait….was I now “interested” in this game?  Certainly looks like it doesn’t it?  And I thought the only thing interesting about this would be the commercials I could view later on the internet.  The above Tweet from Charlie came sometime during the 2nd Quarter.  The Giants took the lead but the Patriots were coming back strong.

Charlie Daniels tweet
Ha!   This was just prior to the END of the first half. 


Charlie Daniels tweet
Half time score was Giants 9 – Patriots 17.  Time to “rub it in” a little bit.  What have I got to lose?


Charlie Daniels tweet
Was he serious?  He just wanted to watch Madonna perform?  Say it ain’t so Charlie.  Ha!


Score at 7:33 during 4th quarter
This was the score at 7:33 in the 4th quarter.  Thanks to ESPN Online, I can at least keep up with the score as we go.  I figured I better go ahead and start working on this post before I forget all this stuff.  It’s my play-by-play of the game.  It’ll just be over by the time you get this far.  It’s actually 9:32pm here on the East Coast and that means it’s one hour and 32 minutes past my bedtime for this evening.  I have to get up at 4:00am.  Ughh….just when I was having some fun.


Charlie Daniels tweet
Must be break time again.  I’ll just have to watch them tomorrow online somewhere.  I’ve actually got a pretty neat little system going right now of copying these Tweets, saving them, editing them, uploading them and writing the comments after each one.  I need to go bed, but I hate to break up the efficiency of this work flow I have going.


 Charlie Daniels tweet
Now Charlie, the Giants are only down by TWO POINTS and there’s still TWO MINUTES left to play.


Charlie Daniels tweet
I’m not confident enough to Tweet him anything at this point. 


Charlie Daniels tweet
Whats he talking about?


Charlie Daniels tweet
WHAT…the Giants have the lead?  I’ve been so busy I’ve obviously missed something here.  Say it ain’t so!


Final Score:  New York Giants 21 – New England Patriots 17.  WOW….how did they turn it around?  There go my nabs.  Ughhh.


Charlie Daniels tweet
Congratulations Charlie.  Congratulations New York Giants.  This actually turned out to be the most fun I’ve ever had for the Super Bowl.  Ha…and I did it sitting right here at home in front of this computer all by myself.  Not to mention, I didn’t even SEE the game or LISTEN to it.  I just followed Charlie Daniels Tweets and scores from the ESPN website online.  Double Ughhh….it’s 2 hours past my bedtime.  Sigh.


Charlie Daniels tweet
NASCAR?  I ain’t even going to go there Charlie.  Could end up costing me a pound of Hoop Cheese!


Jeff Gordon on Twitter
Then again.   Hey Charlie, you like Hoop Cheese and Crackers?  With a name like Gordon…who knows where this could lead.  Think I’ll send a Tweet to Jeff and see how things are looking this season.


My tweet to Jeff Gordon
Maybe I can get some “inside” info.  It appears Jeff is actually at the Super Bowl tonight.  I’ll have to keep trying, let him know we have the same last name and all…you know.



Charlie Daniels tweet
Then I get this.  You gotta love this Southern Gentleman!!!!

To be continued…..I have to go get a Nehi Grape and a Moon Pie from J.R. Moore and Son in Gulf.  I’ll just do that tomorrow after work.  Not going to get much sleep tonight.

Date:  Monday, February 06, 2012 – 6:00pm

J. R. Moore & Son
After the broadcast this morning, I headed straight up the road to visit J. R. Moore & Son in Gulf, NC.  I love this place.  It has such a distinct and unique personality and is owned by yet another great Southern Gentleman, Rayvon King.  Rayvon has turned the business over to his daughter Julie, but he’s still in and out of the store about daily.  He just wasn’t there at the time of my visit today.

I was in hopes of getting a refresher on the stores history,  but I do know that its been in business since 1935.  I don’t exactly know when Rayvon started working at the store but he did work there first and ended up buying the store later on.  The store carries all kinds of stuff like groceries, feeds, hardware, clothing, shoes and more.  Or, as they put it, “It’s a country store with a little bit of everything.” 

I always get caught up in looking at all the antiques and old stuff thats scattered throughout the store.  It’s just mixed right in with the new stuff and often hard to decipher whats available for sale and what isn’t.  Today I spotted an old chamber pot sitting on the shelf right next to some of the new hardware items.  Or, you could find an antique toy sitting right beside of a couple of grocery items.  You just can’t help looking it all up and down very carefully and you’ll still miss something.

Rayvon loves to collect butter churns and there are churns all around the store, inside and outside.  They have an upstairs but I’ve never ventured up to check it out.  That’s where the shoes and boots are but my old legs and knees just aren’t up to the climb most days.


J. R. Moore & Son in Gulf, NC
Here’s a view from across the street.  You can enter from both sides where the open doors are.  That section stays open during the day and it’s filled with butter churns, old drink bottles and often times sacks of feeds or grain.  It’s open-air at that point and you go through another door to actually be inside the store.  In all my visits I’ve still not ventured all the way to the back, it appears to be mostly hardware back that way.  I try to stay away from the hand tools and the like….thats work stuff.  You can visit their website at JR Moore and Son for more info.


J. R. Moore & Son in Gulf, NC.  Kevin holds the goods.
That’s Kevin holding the Nehi Grape Soda and the Moon Pie I’m sending to Charlie since I lost the wager.  Lisa ran when I pulled out the camera and I was told that Julie was back in the office.  The background shows you just how busy this store is, wall-to-wall and floor to ceiling.  Love those old scales and the butcher paper on top.  And look, right there in the bottom left hand corner is a wooden box with real hoop cheese.  They sell it by the pound but also cut and wrap individual slices.  See them on the cheese box?  I had to buy one, cost me a 1.00 along with a 4 pack of Saltine Crackers.  Sorry Charlie, I ate that on the way home.  Maybe next time.

Nehi Grape and a Moon Pie
And here is the PRIZE I’ll be packing up and shipping out to Charlie up on that mountain in TN.  It’s a Nehi Grape Soda and a North Carolina favorite, the Moon Pie.  Moon Pies are actually baked in Chattanooga, Tennessee so this one will be headed back that way shortly.  They call this a “double decker,”  It s Chocolate covered cookies with a marshmallow cream type filling.  It’s Chocolate Flavored but the same company also produces a Banana Flavor.

I made a stop in nearby Cumnock to get the photo of their Camelback Bridge in the background.  Charlie might remember the bridge.  It was moved some years back to this location on the Deep River. (1)   It’s actually a park area now with picnic tables, walking trails, swings for the kids etc.  You can go down under the bridge and do some cat fishing in the river if you like.  I tried that once, it was raining, so I didn’t stay long and didn’t have any luck. 

So Mr Daniels, I congratulate you again on the WIN.  I hope you enjoy these goodies from your old hometown of Gulf.  Let me know when you need more, or perhaps some hardware items.  I’m sure I can find it at J. R. Moore and Son.  As I said at the start, I’m not a sports fan, don’t follow sports, didn’t even know who was playing until I saw you pulling for the Giants and looked up the opposing team here on the net.  It sure was a lot of fun enjoying the game with you though.  Thanks for the memories.

Be Blessed!!!

(1) Correction:  I noted above that the bridge was moved some years back to this location.  A comment left below said that the bridge wasn’t moved, but the road was rerouted and a new bridge built. It appears that would be correct.  I slipped up because I was thinking it had been moved in order to save it from being torn down.  However, having searched the net for some background on the bridge, I discovered that this particular bridge is just one section of another bridge that was originally in nearby Lillington, NC.  It was originally constructed in 1908 to stretch across the Cape Fear River in the Lillington area but was washed out in a flood in 1930.  One John H. Kennedy, convinced the state to relocate one section of that bridge to Cumnock, to replace the covered bridge that had burned.

Learn something new everyday huh?  You can read more about it, along with some historical information about a couple of other places nearby by Clicking Here.  Thanks for keeping me straight.       

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  1. One of my fondest memories is when Charlie Daniels came to my restaurant in Sanford at the Holiday inn which has been closed for a long time. Charlie came in after a class reunion I think. I was going to buy his dinner and He said let me get this one Son. He pulled out his Platinum American Express and it looked like a mirror. I had never saw something so shinny. I have not seen another one to this day like it. I have a Appliance Store in Sanford NC (Appliance Discount Service) I always remember the sign picture he gave me and still have it. 20 Years later. He also made my Mom very happy when he spoke to her on the phone. Funny how little things matter so much. Thanks Charlie, and if you are ever in Sanford hope you stop and visit me. Sincerly, Rick G. Stone 919-356-7879 PS Always a Fan

    • Steve Gordon says:

      Rick, Thanks for sharing your story. The fact that he took the time to speak with your mom over the phone, while visiting the restaurant, just says volumes about how nice a guy he is. Great story. Please stop by again soon. Be Blessed!!! –Steve

  2. Trina Oldham says:

    Steve, you certainly have a way with words. I really enjoyed your story! Thanks for sharing with us. Am loving all the recipes too!-Trina

    • Steve Gordon says:

      Thank you Trina, for the comments and for stopping by. I hope you’ll continue to visit, we’ve got lots more recipes coming your way. Be Blessed!!! –Steve

  3. Linda Moore Lewis says:


    “Mr.Richard” Moore (the “son” in JR Moore & Son) was my father. He loved that store and would be thrilled to know that you and Charlie Daniels had this conversation! Rayvon began working at the store when he was in high school. Later, after he had been in the Army and worked in Sanford for several years, he came back to work with Daddy at the store. When Daddy’s health began to fail in the mid ’70’s, Rayvon bought the business but kept the name. Daddy would be so proud that Rayvon, and now Julie, are keeping the store going. I hope Charlie enjoys his Nehi and Moon Pie and his memories of Gulf!

    Linda Moore Lewis

    • Steve Gordon says:

      This is awesome Linda. So glad that YOU saw the post and took the time to share this information. Charlie has confirmed that he saw the pictures I’ve posted and as he stated, “looks familiar.” I’m sure you have lots of stories you could share about the store. It really is such a cool place. Rayvon and Julie, everyone there, are such super nice people….it’s still in good hands. Thanks again. Be Blessed!!! –Steve

  4. Teresa "Dede" Edington Mosser says:


    Nice story. My momma grew up with the Daurity boys and then I grew up with their kids. I too, like you loved that place. It is still in my memories of my youth. We lived on Scott Ave, just behind the store.

    And I will never forget CeCes Snow Cones. Thanks for the walk back in time.

    • Steve Gordon says:

      Hi Dede, Glad you stopped by and liked the story. Scott Ave and Matthews Street where fun places back then. It’s tough going back through there and seeing how that area has changed. I have my own Snow Cone story from East Side. I was going to Bragg Street School when they started carrying Snow Cones. Several afternoons just before school was out, Mrs Daurity would send me a Snow Cone…AT SCHOOL. It would get delivered just moments before school let out. She wanted the other kids to see it and figured it would entice them to go across the street and purchase their own. It certainly worked. I got several that way and I know I enjoyed mine. Not sure why she picked me, but I was glad she did. They really were good thats for sure. Be Blessed!!! –Steve
      PS: Thanks for the other info. It was late and I meant to check that spelling.

  5. Mark says:

    I don’t think they moved the steel bridge. I think they built the new road around it.

    • Steve Gordon says:

      Mark, you’re right. Thank you for pointing that out. Still, I wasn’t “totally” wrong, but I didn’t know that either. I made a correction at the bottom of the post. Turns out, this is one span of a bridge that originally spanned the Cape Fear River in Lillington. That bridge was flooded out, one of the spans was moved to Cumnock to replace the old Wooden Covered Bridge that had previously burned. Found that out by doing a search for info on the bridge itself. Thanks for your comment. Don’t you just love the internet? Be Blessed!!! –Steve

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