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Mother's Day Giveaway, 2014 on Taste of Southern.
WINNER ANNOUNCED: Enter our 2014 Mother’s Day Giveaway for a chance to win some really “flavorful” prizes. We love mom and we know that she’s happiest when she’s taking care of, and providing for, her family. Most mom’s really enjoy their time in the kitchen, making those special meals and treats for the family. We think all mom’s will appreciate our Giveaway, and yours could be the winner. Contest ENDED May 04, 2014.

We’ve Got A Winner:

Taste of Southern, Mother's Day Giveaway winner announced.
Congratulations Sharon, you’re the winner of our 2014 Mother’s Day Giveaway.

To claim your prize, please use the Contact Page here on Taste of Southern, and send me your full name and mailing address information. Once we get that, we’ll send you all the prizes listed in our giveaway. You must respond by midnight, May 10, 2014 to claim your prize. Any unclaimed prizes may be held for future giveaways.

THANK YOU to everyone that entered. I’ve really enjoyed reading your comments and appreciate you taking the time to enter our giveaway. There was no right or wrong answer. The winner was chosen by random using the random number generator services of

Stay tuned for another giveaway, coming soon.

HAPPY MOTHER’S DAY to all of our moms. I trust you’ll have a very Blessed Day! Always remember that WE LOVE YOU!


Mother's Day Giveaway, slider.
Our 2014 Mother’s Day Giveaway Contest: Because we love our mom’s.


My mother was at her best when she was in the kitchen preparing a meal, dessert, or a special treat for family and friends. If she had a hobby, it was cooking. She loved it. I’ve mentioned this before, but you didn’t visit our house when I was a kid without mama offering you something to eat. I think all mom’s enjoy providing something special for their family and friends.

So, we’re offering our Mother’s Day Giveaway, with some “flavorful” gift’s for mom. Whether you’re the mom, or whether you want to give them to your mom, I do hope you’ll enter. It’s the only way you’ll have a chance to win.

Just answer this one simple question in the comment section below, and you’ll be entered.

Question: What is/was the favorite dish that your mother prepares/prepared for you?

There is no right or wrong answer. One winner will be chosen at random and announced here on Taste of Southern.

Now, let’s take a look at what you can win… for yourself, or for your mom. ONE winner gets all the items below.


Mother's Day Giveaway, pie carrier.
#1. Deluxe Pie Carrier:

Never dump a pie again. Transport your pie safely in this round, zippered and insulated pie travel bag. The clear identification window lets you personalize the carrier anyway you want. 10 printed cards are included. Collapses for easy storage and is made of durable polyester and vinyl. Approximate size is 10″ diameter by 5″ high. How cool is that?


Mother's Day Giveaway, pie crust saver.
#2. Pie Crust Saver

No more burnt edges on those pie crusts when you use these aluminum pie crust savers. You’ll make the perfect pie crust… every time.


Mother's Day Giveaway, flavorings.
#3. Happy Home Flavorings.

Great pies, cakes, any dessert for that matter, needs some great ingredients. Happy Home Flavorings have been around since 1929. It’s the “secret ingredient” your Mom or your Grandmother may have never told you about. We’re including three different bottles.

3a: Happy Home Imitation Vanilla Flavoring
3b: Happy Home Pure Vanilla Extract
3c: Happy Home Natural Lemon Flavoring

These flavorings are used by mom’s everywhere, and in many of America’s finest restaurants. You’ll love them.


Mother's Day Giveaway, salt and pepper shakers.
#4: Cupcake Salt and Pepper Shakers

These were just too cute to resist. Sure to bring a smile to your table, they’re both tasty looking and functional. Made of ceramic, they measure about 3 inches high.


Mother's Day Giveaway, Southern Flavoring website.
Visit Southern Flavoring for more information.

All of these items have been purchased by me, from Southern Flavoring Company of Bedford, Virginia for this giveaway.

Our friend John Messier, at Southern Flavoring, has been a follower of Taste of Southern for a long time. He’s one of our Newsletter Subscribers, and graciously sent me some samples of his flavorings some time back. If you look closely, you’ll see the Vanilla Extract in just about all of our desserts calling for Vanilla Flavoring here on Taste of Southern. I use it all the time and love it.

Southern Flavoring and the Happy Home Brand, started out as a fundraising company. Growing up, my church often sold the products to help raise funds for the church. My own mom used the flavorings in her kitchen for as long as I can remember. They still offer them as fundraisers, along with a line of pocket calendars, greeting cards and candles. Just click the link above for more information.

John also has offered to give me the Grand Tour of the facility whenever I visit Bedford, and I can’t wait to take him up on the offer.

Rules, Rules, Rules.

You must be over 18 to enter.
Open to the lower 48 states only with apologies to all our other visitors.
Only one entry per person.
Contest ends at midnight Eastern time, Sunday – May 04, 2014.
Winner will be selected at random, via There is no right or wrong answer.
Winner will be posted Monday morning, May 05, 2014.
You MUST come back to see if you won, and claim your prize by midnight, Saturday – May 10, 2014.
If you are the winner, please submit your Name and Mailing Address to us via the Contact Page on this site.
Unclaimed prizes may be held for a future giveaway.

Thank you for participating.

I wish all our mom’s a very Happy Mother’s Day. We love you and appreciate all you do for us.

Be Blessed!!!

Photo Credits: Product photos are the copyright of Southern Flavoring Co. 

Disclaimer: All the items being given away have been purchased by me from Southern Flavoring Company, especially for this giveaway. The items are in my possession and will be shipped directly from Taste of Southern to the winners address. All opinions expressed regarding these products are my very own. I’ll gladly send them to you if your name is selected as the winner, and you claim your prize by submitting your name and the address you’d like them shipped to, by the deadline listed. Not responsible for loss or damage of items once received by the selected carrier. All decisions made by Taste of Southern regarding this giveaway are final. Just letting you know ahead of time, because I have to say this stuff. OK?


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  1. Sharon says:

    I am so thrilled and thankful to win this wonderful selection of gifts! A huge thank you to you, Steve, for offering this opportunity on Taste of Southern in honor of Mother’s Day. May you be blessed abundantly in return. It is interesting to read all the responses about everyone’s favorite Mother’s dishes, and a great way to honor our Mothers, whether in memory alone, or while still enjoying her cooking.

    • Steve Gordon says:

      Congratulations Sharon!

      I hope you enjoy the gifts, or that whomever you share them with enjoys them. I also enjoyed reading all the great comments and I’m thankful for each and everyone that participated. I appreciate your visits and do hope you’ll stop by again… real soon. Be Blessed!!! -Steve

  2. Sherry says:

    My mom always made the best fried chicken, collard greens & pinto beans. She would say she didn’t do anything special to make it turn out that way, but I’ve never quite been able to match the flavor when I make the same dishes.

  3. Amy Warner says:

    Hi Steve,
    When I go home to visit Mom, I always ask for her homemade meatloaf and baked potatoes. It is delicious. My sister and brother-in-law ask for her chicken and dumplings. We all agree on her spaghetti sauce though. It is terrific.

    Blessings to all moms.
    Amy in Ohio

  4. Annette says:

    My favorite dish that my mother used to prepare is lasagna. She’d spend hours making it.

  5. helen w. says:

    My mom made the best coconut pie. My mom is living in a nursing home now but if she could and would make onet to day if she could get to a stove. Happy mother’s Day to all the great mom’s.

  6. Ruth Horton says:

    Awesome Potato Salad !!!!!!!!!!!!!!! I wish she was here to make a “big bowl” for Mother’s Day.

  7. Lisa Osborne says:

    My mother made ground beef patties filled with onions and green peppers and smothered in a velvety brown gravy. I loved them so much she named them after me. They’re called Lisa Burgers! Hope everyone has a wonderful Mother’s Day!

  8. Becky Robinson says:

    Everyone loved my Moms potato soup. Never tasted any like hers. It was the best.

  9. JWEvans says:

    My Mom grew up in Chicago and never really quite got into Southern cooking, or cooking in general! She liked to cook out of a box, but she did make some really good BBQ chicken that we ate almost every Sunday after church. The sauce involved Ketchup, vinegar, salt and pepper. It was really good!

  10. Yvonne says:

    As a kid, I thought my Mom made the best spaghetti. Her sauce was homemade and she always cooked with spices, so plenty of oregano, basil and thyme were added. We once begged her to fix it for either Thanksgiving or Christmas. She makes the best blueberry jelly from her own blueberries, grown since 1982. Since my Dad is borderline diabetic, she makes wonderful, low sugar desserts.

  11. Sarah says:

    Mama always made us our choice of cake for our birthdays. I always alternated between her molasses cake and her snowball cake. Both were equally delicious!

  12. Ted says:

    Banana Nut Bread. I couldn’t be trusted when Mom made banana nut bread.

  13. Janie says:

    My mother has always been a great cook. She used to make eggs a la goldenrod for my brother and me when we were young. Toast, covered with cream gravy with boiled egg whites chopped in it, and then the crumbled egg yolks on top.. Yum. Also, my dad was a teacher for a while, so he always had a summer job, usually the late shift at the mill. She would always have some dessert waiting for him when he got home-chocolate cake or some kind of pie. Of course, we kids stayed up to share it with him. Lovely memories….

  14. Amy says:

    I would have to say chicken and dressing or chicken and dumplins…

  15. YaYa Lynn says:

    Chicken pastry

  16. Marilyn says:

    My mom was an excellent cook. My dad used to say my mother could cook sawdust and make it good! I loved her BBQ chicken, but my favorite dish was country style steak & rice. Delicious!

  17. Debra D in NC says:

    Pineapple cake! yum!!

  18. Tracy says:

    Biscuits and sausage gravy with a country breakfast.

  19. Alice Goodwin says:

    Mama fried the best ever chicken in a black cast iron frying pan. She took the skin off the pieces, soaked the chicken overnight in salt water, and then dredged the pieces in a flour/salt/pepper mix. She fried the chicken nice and crispy. She covered the chicken for a few minutes at the end to insure the chicken was done to the bone. I think she used Crisco and butter for frying. Finger lickin’ good…just like the famous kind.

  20. Deb says:

    My mom is almost 86 years old and doesn’t cook anymore, but ooh, I used to love her black-eyed peas and pork chops she’d prepare. I’d take a pork chop biscuit back to the dorm with me on Sundays after the weekend at home and remember her delicious cooking. For my birthdays she’d always bake Peter Paul Mounds Cake for me….and my daughter has taken up the tradition and made that same cake for me every year for years now! I’m so very blessed to have my mom living with us.

  21. libby says:

    Fried squash,green beans and new potatoes cooked together and the best biscuits ever, such great memories of my sweet Mama.

  22. Rachel Cartucci says:

    my mother always made the best pancakes EVER!!!I also think of m little mamaw who made a terrific home made stew. Both foods stay in my memories.

  23. Avis says:

    My momma was not a very good cook. She had a few dishes that she did very well, but her best dish was nana puddin’. My brother and I asked for it every weekend and it was a always a part of Sunday dinner.

  24. sue says:

    jewish pancakes made with a filling of cream cheese sour cream orange skin and sultanas……they were the best

  25. Tracy Flickinger says:

    My mother makes Texas Hash—YUMMMMMMM!!!! BUt when I was younger, my most favorite thing Mother would make was home made blackberry preserves and homemade bread!! Now that is a meal!!!!!!!!!!!! PS: She also made homemade cinnamon rolls that would knock your socks off!!!!!!!!!!!

  26. Jessica says:

    My mother made the best pecan pie. It seemed almost effortless on her part but I have yet to have a pecan pie that tastes exactly like hers did, perfection!

  27. J.R. says:

    My mother and my mother-in-law come to mind on this day. They are both “special ladies” in my heart and both are good Southern cooks. Mom for her “boiled oatmeal cookies” and my second mom for frying her sweet potatoes in a cast iron skillet with lots of butter.

    • J.J. says:

      My favorite meal is southern fried Mulefoot Pork Tenderloin. She soaks in in salt water and apple cider vinegar bath overnight. She then slices the tenderloin into medalions and coats them with flour, fresh ground pepper and sea salt. The medalions get fried in a vat of lard (she rendered herself) in her handy dandy cast iron fry pan. The tenderloin is served with deep fried sourdough biscuits made from her own starter and fresh ground wheat. There is usually a Lemon Meringue Pie or some sort of cake served for dessert. All these things are made from scratch with lots of love added to each recipe.

  28. Kandace Goldberg says:

    My mother’s tater tot casserole. I’ve revamped it and put in french style green beans rather than corn…sometimes omitting a vegetable mixed in and serving the vegetable on the side. My famiy loves this casserole so much my daughter even requests it for her birthday.

  29. Cathy says:

    As a young child, I loved my Mother’s spaghetti and warm buttermilk pound cake.

  30. Emily says:

    My Mom makes the best banana pudding I have ever had anywhere-and believe me I have tried lots of others!!! Hers is no bake, and the creaminess is perfect-soaks the vanilla wafers just right-I can eat the whole container by myself!!!!

  31. JWEvans says:

    God bless my Mom. She was born and raised in Chicago, but later moved to Charlotte, NC due to her mother’s health. She met my father in an Army maneuver in Tennessee. The soldier’s bus pulled up to a stop light beside my mother and her parents’ car. The guys started throwing out their addresses to my Mom and her sister and my mother got one of the guys and her sister got another guy’s. They started corresponding, but only when their mother approved them. Later, my mother and her sister decided they liked each other’s soldiers better, so they switched addresses. My mother wound up with a soldier who was raised on a farm in Eastern NC. She knew NOTHING about cooking country cooking, but she did learn how to cook some mighty fine oven baked BBQ chicken! We ate that most every Sunday after church!

  32. Kathy says:

    Every Sunday Mother cooked fried chicken, mashed potatoes with gravy, and purple hull peas with boiled okra on top. Favorite then still my favorite.

  33. Ashley Auerbach says:

    Hello, When I think about dinner that comforts I think about my mom. She always knew just what I wanted whether it was something as simple as Homemade Mac & Cheese or as fancy as Beef Stroganoff, She always knew. Now that may not sound fancy to you but to me anything that took time to simmer meant fancy. While we waited we would come up with new ideas to decorate the table for dinner, than we would just sit and watch it simmer and I would tell her my many stories of the day. Its something simple like time in the kitchen with my mom that still brings me comfort today!

  34. Linda Hayes says:

    My very favorite dessert was a pineapple cake that I always got for my birthday. My mother made the best. I had a close second “persimmon pudding” made from scratch. I gathered the persimmons after school in the woods behind our house and you could only pick up the ones on the ground. What great memories.

  35. Dyanne says:

    I have tried time and again to cook my Mama’s fried okra and fried squash but never have been able to duplicate
    Her’s. Mama is gone now. I miss her so! I can still taste her squash and okra in my mind!

  36. Ann Ridings says:

    My Mother made the best coleslaw ever. I have tried and tried to make mine taste like hers, but never have duplicated the wonderful coleslaw she made.

  37. Miz Karen says:

    I loved my mom’s American goulash and now it has become my kids’ favorite too. They always ask for it when they come to visit. Thanks for your generous drawings.

  38. sue says:

    My Mom..God Rest her Soul…made “cracker meat” …tenderized pork cutlets..dipped in egg & flour & pan fried..with mashed potatoes w/ homemade gravy from the pan drippings & corn! Wish I could make it like she did..just never turns out right! Miss you Mom

  39. Martha M says:

    I loved my mothers chicken and dumplings They were the best.

  40. Beverly J. says:

    Sausage gravy and biscuits was a breakfast staple in our home. My mom raised 10 children on it and will still fix it today for the many grandchildren. We raised our own hogs and grew vegetables in the garden. Pound cakes made with Happy Homes flavorings that was purchased through the church fundraisers were also a special treat especially when we had fresh strawberries from our patch. Thank you Steve for bringing back special thoughts of mom and seeing her in the kitchen today preparing meals for us. We need to express our appreciation more often to the ones we love.

  41. Ellen Sedberry says:

    My Mom was a wonderful cook. One of my favorite things she made was a chocolate bread pudding that she made using leftover biscuits. She didn’t have a “recipe”, so I’ve tried to come up with a recipe and it’s pretty close to what I remember the bread pudding tasting like.

    • Avis says:

      My Mother made chocolate bread pudding with leftover biscuits too. Unfortunately I have never been able to come up with a recipe that is worth eating. Would appreciate if you would post your recipe so I can try to duplicate hers.

      • Ellen Sedberry says:

        Here is the recipe for Chocolate Bread Pudding. My Mom would bake it in a glass pyrex dish. The texture was creamy but you could cut it into squares. It’s not like the bread pudding most people make today. If you try it, I hope it turns out well for you.

        4-5 day old biscuits
        Boiling water, enough to pour over biscuits to soften
        Add 3 Tblsp Cocoa
        1 Cup Sugar
        1 Egg

        Bake about 35-40 minutes at 350.

        Out of necessity, my Mom could make a great meal out of what seemed like very few ingredients. We never ate out, but we always had plenty of good food to eat.

  42. Walt Caudle says:

    My mom grew up in the hills of Western North Carolina and coastal Virginia, but she made the best tacos, yes tacos, I have ever had. And I have had tacos from all over including Southern California and Mexico. But moms were the first and the very best! They will always be my favorite!

  43. Sharon says:

    Thank you for the opportunity to win such beautiful and useful gifts!

    My Mother passed away when I was 6, but I still remember “helping” her in the kitchen while she cooked our meals. We were on a very skinny shoestring budget, but she still managed to make delicious, memorable meals. My favorite was pinto beans and cornbread, with the steaming hot beans poured over broken up hot-from-the-oven cornbread. Sometimes we had fried potatoes and onions or another vegetable with it, depending on what was in the pantry. My favorite treat was when she made cold chocolate milk or hot cocoa from fresh cow’s milk, cocoa and sugar. Nobody could make it like hers! Even though she’s been in Heaven for decades now, I still miss her, especially around Mother’s Day.

    There are some special Mother’s in my life that I would love to gift the giveaway items to if I win.

  44. Debi says:

    Mom’s biscuits are the best….she still makes them for Sunday Breakfast every week and she is almost 79…

  45. Cynthia Haenfler says:

    It’s hard to pick just one, but I guess I’ll go with her Cabbage Rolls. I just loved them and requested them every year for my birthday dinner.

  46. Barbara Grasso says:

    Baked limas with lots of bacon on top. I still make them for parties and potlucks and there are never any leftovers !

  47. Annalee says:

    My loving mom would make me her roast beef dinner with real mashed potatoes and homemade gravy. She would boil green beans to go with it and flavor them with minced onion.
    The best part of visiting her was planning our menu’s before I got there and the anticipation.
    We still do this, even though my mom just turned 81, my visits are shorter and I do the cooking…..with her watchful eye of course……

  48. jadip says:

    Deviled Eggs! Thanks Mom!

  49. Linda says:

    My mother always made a fresh coconut cake for my birthday, starting with a fresh coconut, which my father would open and grate. My mother would use the coconut milk in the cake and whip the 7-minute frosting by hand, as we had no electric mixer. It was always absolutely delicious!

  50. Kathleen Barrett says:

    Growing up we really had a tight budget, so my Mom would put together whatever we had on hand, my brothers and sisters called it Beasley’s! Meatball Stew was my favourite, everyone one who tried meatball stew from mama loved it and always came back for more.

  51. Paula Schubert says:

    My mother’s corn pudding is a recipe that I still fix today with a lot of requests. I also used to adore her hamburger pie with catsup (ketchup) biscuits and whenever I was sick I would ask her to make potato soup.

  52. Terresa (Trish)Wood says:

    I would have to say Escalloped Oysters at Christmas! I have 3 brothers and they all love that dish too…we lick it right up. Over the years we have had to share with spouses and children….most love it too! There are other dishes mom makes that I just cannot duplicate… oven chicken, pea with sausage ball soup, she is an excellent soup maker. Now I am getting hungry! LOL. The give away is fabulous and I sure would love to win these items and I would definitely be sharing with my mama.

  53. Robin says:

    My mother made sweet and sour meatballs that I cannot duplicate no matter what I try.

  54. Annie says:

    I’ve always loved my Mom’s breakfast milk gravy and biscuits, the best out of the many things that she has been good at. She’s a great cook/baker, and I wish I could be more like her.

  55. Rita Vess says:

    steak and gravy in the crockpot. It would melt in your mouth. Mine never turns out quite the same

  56. Lynne says:

    Mom was an incredible baker and cook, but I remember her baking best. She made the best pecan rolls, cinnamon twists and orange rolls that I’ve ever tasted – melt in your mouth goodness each Sunday after church! She also excelled with cakes, pies, and cookies. Mom started her Christmas baking the day after Thanksgiving so that she would have available the 20 or so different varieties of Christmas Cookies from Christmas Eve through Epiphany. Our teachers loved it as well, as mom always put together a Christmas Cookie Sampler Gift Pack for them as a thank you for the wonderful education they provided us. Dad was blessed to share his birthday with Christ. Mom made sure that this day was extra special by making his favorite cake Christmas, German Chocolate. I still remember the taste of the wooden spoon filled with that delicious warm coconut, pecan frosting when she was done. My favorite birthday cake was the coconut cake in the shape of a teddy bear, and my Barbie doll “dressed” in the pink and white ruffled ball gown cake with strawberry filling. Mom’s brother’s favorite birthday cake was actually a pie, cherry cheesecake in a graham cracker crust. I remember this because the first time I met my uncle he ate the whole pie in one sitting. Amazing! Although Mom is with our Lord, I feel her loving presence whenever I pull out her recipes and make them for my family.

  57. Hannah says:

    My mom’s San Fransisco Chicken and Chicken in a Biscuit are two delicious dishes she has made many times over the years. They are her specialties for company meals, and sometimes requested for birthdays.

  58. Melissa says:

    My mom’s french toast trumps anything that you could get from any restaurant. Growing up, she made it for every one of my birthdays.

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