Mother’s Day Giveaway 2015

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Annie Oakley - Mother's Day Giveaway 2015, on Taste of Southern.
Giveaway has ended.  Register to WIN this Citrus & Honey Gift Set, from Annie Oakley Perfumery, just in time for Mother’s Day. We’re giving away one gift set to one of our readers. Leave your reply by midnight, May 3, 2015, and you’ll be entered to win. Winner will be announced the following Monday morning. See the complete rules for all details.


Ain't afraid to love a man.
Annie Oakley Perfumery Gift Set Giveaway – Mother’s Day 2015
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We Have A Winner – Contest Has Ended – Congratulations to “Ms M”

Thank You to everyone that entered our giveaway. I’ve enjoyed reading about your Mother’s Day plans, and appreciate you taking the time to share them with us here on Taste of Southern.

Thank You to perfumery for providing our gift set.

I do hope you have a great Mother’s Day, and that all goes as planned for you.

As one comment suggested, those of us who no longer have our moms with us, should take a little time to reflect on the mom we had, and to cherish those memories. I think that’s a great idea.

Thank you again for participating. Stay tuned for our next giveaway… coming soon.

Be Blessed!!!

Here’s how our Giveaway went, in case you missed it.


It’s time to confess.

I’ve always been fascinated with Annie Oakley. There, I said it.

Maybe it’s the hair, maybe it’s those fringed cowgirl outfits, or maybe it’s just the look in her eyes. I’m not really sure.

You’ve got to respect a woman that says, “I ain’t afraid to love a man, and I ain’t afraid to shoot him either.” Especially when it’s Annie Oakley, known as “Little Sure Shot,” and America’s first female superstar.

Her life story is fascinating, and touches parts of North Carolina. She spent the later years of her life just up the road from my hometown, in nearby Pinehurst, North Carolina. While there, at the age of 62, Oakley hit 100 clay targets in a row from 16 yards away. Her sharp shooting skills were phenomenal.

Annie Oakley traveled many years with the Buffalo Bill Wild West Show.

That show performed in Charlotte, North Carolina on October 28, 1901. In the early morning hours of October 29, while travelling to Danville, Virginia, the show train hit head on with a southbound train near Lexington, North Carolina. It has been declared the most awesome railroad disaster to ever occur in North Carolina.

110 horses on the train were either killed, or had to be put down by members of the travelling troupe. Certainly a miracle, no one was killed in the wreck.

Reports state that Annie Oakley, and her husband Frank Butler were involved in the accident. Oakley received internal injuries, her left side paralyzed, and within 17 hours, her chestnut brown hair turned white. Doctors said she would probably never walk again… but she did.

You can read more about the story by visiting the News & Observer Past times story HERE. 

Growing up, I remember my dad talking about having seen Annie Oakley and the Buffalo Bill Wild West Show in person during his youth. My dad was born in 1890, was many years older than my mom, and probably saw the show after it began again in the years following the train accident.

As I said, I’ve always been fascinated with Annie Oakley.


Annie Oakley - Mother's Day Giveaway 2015, on Taste of Southern.
Annie Oakley Perfumery:

I stumbled across the Annie Oakley Perfumery website one day on the Internet. I tried to contact them regarding working together on this giveaway, but they never replied. Still, I wanted to offer this set for our 2015 Mother’s Day Giveaway.

(Update: I contacted Annie Oakley Perfumery once again, and was delighted that they agreed to provide the gift set for this giveaway. We’ll be posting more about them later. Good news!)

Here’s what you could win:

Eau de Cologne, 4 oz.
Foaming Body Wash, 8 oz.
Luxurious Body Lotion, 8 oz.
Natural Ramie Sponge
Zippered Bag for easy carrying or gift giving

Annie Oakley Perfumery is located in Indiana, and is the only company producing high-end scents in the United States. What’s not to love about a company that makes colognes and fragrances for women, men, and a line of products for horses? Yep… horses.

Learn more about Annie Oakley fragrances at

How To Enter:

Just answer this one quick and easy question. Leave your answer in the Comments section below.

Question: What are your plans for Mother’s Day?

That’s it. Just leave your reply in the Comments section below – before midnight May 03, 2015. You’ll be entered in our giveaway and could win this lovely gift set, courtesy of Taste of Southern. How easy is that?

Rules, Rules, Rules.

You must be over 18 to enter.
Open to the lower 48 states only, with apologies to all our other visitors.
Only one entry per person.
Contest ends at midnight Eastern time, Sunday – May 03, 2015.
Winner will be selected at random, via There is no right or wrong answer.
Winner will be posted Monday morning, May 04, 2015.
You MUST come back to see if you won, and claim your prize by midnight, Wednesday – May 06, 2015.
If you are the winner, please submit your Name and Mailing Address to us via the Contact Page on this site.
Unclaimed prizes may be held for a future giveaway.

So, leave your answer below… and Good Luck Sharp Shooter.

Let me just take this time to wish all of our mom’s a very Happy Mother’s Day. We love you, we appreciate you, we say Thank You for all you do/have done for us.

Be Blessed!!!

PS: Your Comment will not appear immediately, but be assured you’ll be entered if you leave a comment before the deadline. I’ll approve and post the replies just as quickly as possible. Thanks.


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  1. Megan melvage says:

    My best friend and I are taking our daughter’s out for mini mani pedis. Her daughter is 5 and currently kicking cancers butt so this is a super special mother’s day for us!

  2. Deborah Woods says:

    I am in the hospital right now. Hopefully I will be well enough to be at home to spend a quiet day with my children.

  3. M Johnson-Keough says:

    My husband and son as well as my best friend are ALL in other states, so I guess it’ll just be me and the dogs for mothers day :/

  4. Sandra Lowry says:

    Hi Steve,
    As so many in our age group, I no longer have my Mother to celebrate with. Also, my daughters live too far away to celebrate with so it will be a quiet day with my husband. I hope you have a good day enjoying memories of your Mother and maybe enjoying some of her favorite recipes.

  5. Tina Ortiz says:

    I plan on going to church with my mother who was diagnosed with cancer this year and has battling it with chemo.

  6. Andrea Nida says:

    Hello, I stumbled across this website as I was looking for a canned chicken cheese ball recipe and found yours. Loved the dish and the stories that went with it, so thought I’d subscribe to your newsletter and found this. What a blessed day I’m having :-). Thank you for the cheese ball recipe- I’m really excited about it and thank you for thinking about all the moms out there that make the world a better place.

    Being the mother of four great kiddos I am sure to be woken up by breakfast in bed , with lots of love and some homemade pictures!

    Keep up the good work and thank you for your time contributing.

  7. Annette Warden says:

    My mother died in 2007. We have no children but we are there for my husband’s family. All of my immediate famiy are gone. I have taken care of many of my family members, pets, and friends. I became a spiritual minister knowing there are many people who need some caring words and assistance from time to time, just as a loving mother would do. So, Mother’s day I will celebrate all mothers who are still with us and give thanks to all the motherly love in each and every one of us.

  8. Joyce Bock says:

    My friend Judy grew up in Mississippi. When she was a little girl she always loved and drew inspiration from Annie Oakley. Annie Oakley was strong and capable. Judy grew up to be strong and capable like her role model Annie Oakley. Judy is a Presbyterian pastor in California….a long way from the South. Her mother was the last connection to Mississippi and now her mother has passed away. I would like to win this drawing because I would give the Annie Oakley products to Judy to remind her of her southern roots and of her role model. thank you, Joyce

  9. Mary S says:

    I’ll be serving and enjoying younger moms and daughters. My daughter’s Marine husband is away in training. I’ll be planning a special surprise breakfast in bed for my daughter with help of my two precious little granddaughters. Then church nursery for other moms. We will probably enjoy the rest of the day with a beach picnic. Btw-loved Annie too when young. I wanted a fringed Annie Oakley outfit and set of six shooters so badly. Never got it except in my imagination. Its fun to dream!

  10. Pauline Whooten says:

    It’s my Mum’s 86th birthday so the whole family will be together. My daughter,grandkids,sister,niece and her baby! It’s a lot of noise!
    Happy Mother’s Day!!!

  11. Brandy C says:

    Well Steve, since I don’t have a mother of my own my 3 children and I go to a local nursing home to visit and take goodies to the mothers there!

  12. Linda Malnati says:

    Hi Steve, it’s all way’s great to hear from you. I do hope you are doing wonderful. I feel you take me back to the day’s my Grandmother was Canning and making Wonderful things for her Family and Friend’s. I am the one who seemed to follow in her foot steps. My Grandmother was a Professional seamstress. She made candy and fancy chocolates, you would swear she got them else where. Their was Never a Day she wasn’t busy as Idle Hands was the work of something else. 🙂 Ahem. So this Mothers Day I will spend time Praying for any who needs or want’s a Prayer. Myself, I will be Having a simple meal with my Family. BBQ Pork Ribs, Cole slaw, and I am even going to try my hand at making my own Baked Beans. You wouldn’t happen to know someone who has made their own would you ? ahem. 🙂 So Be Blessed and as all way’s, I will be looking forward to your next Story. Sincerely, Linda.

  13. Shirley Alstadt says:

    I’m preparing dinner for my daughter and my son in law and my grandchildren… And my daughters’ mother in law ( and her hubby)

  14. Joyce B says:

    Hi Steve. I am so blessed to be able to spend this particular Mother’s Day. Last June l underwent surgery for Uterine Cancer and the following chemotherapy and radiation treatments.

    I will be so grateful with whatever plans my children have for me.

    Thank you for this opportunity to win this gift of beauty. Thank you for your website and your delicious recipes – many of them now appear regularly on my table.

  15. Lisa Roskam says:

    Hi Steve,
    We are so blessed that you sponsored this give away, thank you so much! I will be spending Mother’s Day with my daughter, and my son, he is about to leave for college so I am going to enjoy this day! Will be spending it with my mother and my sister also, and we will all share a buttermilk poundcake!

  16. Ann says:

    I plan to spend the day with my mother and my children. I am thankful that I still have my mother.

  17. Linda Hayes says:

    I have five children but, I will only get to see one of them on Mother’s Day. Hope to spend most of the day with the one and pray for the others.

  18. Mary Stanley says:

    I’m going to spend the day with my 86 year old mother I’m still blessed to have!

  19. heather says:

    My plans for mother’s day is to take mom to lunch and spoil her with flowers, cards and gifts.

  20. Mary T says:

    We will attend church then go out to eat. My children and grandchildren live within 30 minutes of our home, and I hope we can all spend some time together.

  21. Lori Dom says:

    Hoping my family takes my mother and I out for lunch, so no dishes to wash. Thank you for allowing me to participate in your giveaway.

  22. Stanley Owen says:

    Our children will be in contact with their Mon and the one living near will have us for lunch. Then in the afternoon she and I will ride out in the country where she was raised, just for memories. She has dementia and the little ride always brings smiles to her. I’m learning to cook but not going to take a chance Mothers Day. I enjoy your info. each week. Stanley O.

  23. Lisa Osborne says:

    Hi Steve, So kind of you to self sponsor this giveaway. You are so good to your readers! I plan to travel down to Wilmington to visit with my mother for the day. I hope all mothers have a very blessed day on their special day of recognition.

  24. Daniel Potts says:

    Hello, I’m not sure what the plan is yet. Thank you for the stories newsletter and the great recipes on Taste of Southern. Stay blessed.

  25. Brenda says:

    We plan to go to church then to a nice restaurant to eat and spend time with my 2 daughters and 6 grandchildren. I enjoy your letters and great recipes!

  26. Linda Smith says:

    I will go to church at 8:15 am. Then to lunch with my granddaughter.

  27. Annie says:

    I plan to go to church on Mother’s Day and I will have my granddaughter that weekend, so we are going to have a picnic at the park, with Mom and the family. I would like to try some of your recipes, but KFC usually wins for the main course, for I can still only really do desserts that people will eat. Oh well.

  28. Clara Smith says:

    We plan on going to church and having my kids come by. I plan to thank God again for my 3 children, 6 grandchildren, 1 soon to be great grandchild, one son in law and one daughter in law. It is a blessing to be the Mother of such a fine family. Hope they bring me a present!

  29. Linda Fleming says:

    This Mothers Day will be extra special for me! I have only one child, a son named Logan. He is retiring from the Army for medical reasons. He has served our country as a medical medic for the past eleven years. He has served in Iraq on two occasions. He currently is at Fort Hood Texas and will be visiting home over this year’s Mothers Day. Living in Florida I don’t get to see him or my new grandson as often as I would love to! He is coming home with his new little family! I am so excited and can hardly wait to get some “baby love”! I have been scouring your wonderful website for some dinner ideas!!! I love your website and always enjoy your posts! So as you have read…I will be in total bliss this special Mothers day enjoying my son Logan and especially my new grandson Layton! We will be sharing stories and enjoying some wonderful homemade southern soulful food! God Bless everyone and I sincerely wish everyone a happy and wonderful Mothers Day!

  30. Marion O'Neill says:

    My husband and I will go to Arlington National Cemetery to visit the graves of my Mom and Dad. My Dad was a Southerner and would probably have enjoyed many of your recipes.

  31. Sandra Wiche says:

    My family (husband and two wonderful children) and I will be attending church then we plan to do brunch afterward. If I could spend the day with my mother I would, but we live very far apart. I will phone and send a card, then I plan to visit her in June. Really looking forward to that!

  32. sharon says:

    On mother’s day, all the men in the family cook for the ladies, and vice-verse on father’s day. We choose one of our homes to have dinner, and we have a wonderful time. Happy mother’s day to all the mothers! Thanks steve for this opportunity.

  33. Alicia Day says:

    Just the usual Sunday plans. Go to church and do my mom’s weekly shopping. Lucky to see my mom almost every day.

  34. Marie says:

    I’m lucky enough that my mother and mother-in-law are great friends and we have all agreed to spend the holiday together. I absolutely love the recipes on this site! It reminds me of the food my dad used to make when I was a kid. He was the cook in the family and that suited my mother just fine. Thanks for the wonderful giveaway!

  35. Gina says:

    We will go to my mother in laws, and to my moms for meals together. Thanks for the contest opportunity, love your emails and recipes !

  36. Gracie says:

    My family will be having a brunch at a park near our homes on Mothers Day. Looking forward to being with my family and grandchildren.

  37. Kay Morton says:

    I will be spending the weekend with my high school buddies on our annual “Mothers Day Retreat” at the beach. Been doing this for too many years to count! Happy Mothers Day!

  38. CELESTE HINES says:

    I plan to surprise my mother by traveling to my hometown and showing up at church to do a special reading.

    After church we will have dinner at home. I plan to make Mama Ruth’s strawberry cake, it has become one of my mother’s favorites.
    Happy Mother’s Day to all!


  39. Marsha McTigue says:

    We will be taking my mother in-law, who is 86, out to eat that day. She loves flowers, too, so we’ll be getting a pretty arrangement for her.

  40. Beverly says:

    My mother is 88 years young and I plan on visiting with her on this special day. I am a mother of two and have just learned that I am going to be a new grandmother. Exciting news. Family is very special and precious each and every day that we have with them. Happy Mother’s Day!

  41. Beverly Conway says:

    I will be sending my 88 year old mom a bouquet of flowers. She lives in Ohio, and i am in Texas. I will also call her on Mother’s day to wish her a happy Mother’s day!

  42. Janice Walker says:

    For Mother’s Day I will go to church. I teach Sunday School children ages 6-8. Afterwards I may meet with my son, and my daughter, her husband and 4 grandchildren. I will have a conversation with my son & his family in China. I will see and hug them over the waves (air waves that is). As a kid I pretended to be Annie Oakley. I wanted to shoot like her and be able to run and jump on a horse like her. She was my superstar.

  43. Bob Christian says:

    On Mothers Day I will make my wife very happy by letting her help me to make her happy. By that I mean: she doesn’t enjoy sitting back and letting someone ,anyone wait on her hand and foot. So, therefore I will plan a great day of eating and activities of her choosing and she can do as little or as much as she desires! This has worked well for 51 years so there will be no changes to a plan that has worked so well for so long! But I promise she will be happy as I hope all Mothers everywhere are as well!

  44. Ruby says:

    My own precious mother is now in Heaven. I will be blessed this year by having
    my future daughter-in-law prepare a Mother’s Day meal for me. That will be very special, especially since I have three sons.

    Blessings to all who are mothers and take part in Taste of Southern.

  45. Deb says:

    Hi Steve! I’m not sure what the family will have planned for me on Mother’s Day. I do know that I ALWAYS get breakfast in bed prepared by my husband, usually stuffed French toast with strawberries and whipped cream. He has made that breakfast a much-anticipated Mother’s Day tradition. 🙂 We’ll either go out to eat that day or the evening before when it’s not as busy or the girls will prepare the meal. Whatever the day holds, it will be special being with my family.

  46. Kathleen Mc says:

    My son,oldest of 8 children, promised to help me with a project of planting 15 containers of bamboo to make a hedge.
    I actually was hoping that the mother’s day prize was a new rifle when I saw Annie Oakley’s name.
    I taught each of my children to shoot. I’m hardly Annie Oakley, but I did shoot a skunk through the head at night. I was holding a flashlight and had to aim between 2 layers of chicken wire fence and under our pickup truck where the skunk was hiding. I managed to take out the skunk and not the radiator. He didn’t have time to create a stink either.

  47. Leigh Anne says:

    I will be spending time with my sweet husband, son, daughter, and son-in- law.

  48. Brigitte says:

    I’ll be spending the day at my daughter’s rugby match. I love watching her play!

  49. On Mother’s Day, I plan on spending time at the spot on our property where I have my mother’s ashes buried. I do this every year, and thank her for being the mother she was and tell her how lucky all ten of us were to have had her be chosen to be our mother. Sadness is felt at the loss, and joy for all the memories of our large family. Thank you, God!

  50. ColleenB. ~ Texas says:

    Have no plans as yet. Hubby will probably take me out to eat.
    Thank you for this giveaway opportunity.
    Wishing all Mother’s A Very happy Mother’s Day.

  51. Kathie Tolson says:

    My husband and kids are going to church and out to brunch afterward on Mother’s Day! My sister and her family are taking our mother to Myrtle Beach with them for Mother’s Day weekend. 🙂

  52. Venetia Armstrong says:

    I am cooking for family. We are giving our favorite recipes of our favorite foods for passing down.

  53. jadip says:

    I will be visiting with my Mother and 87 year old Aunt on that special day. Thanks for the opportunity for this fabulous gift. Happy Mother’s Day to all!

    • Lisa says:

      Thank you for the opportunity to possibly win this fantastic gift. My mother has passed away but I have three of the most wonderful children any mother is blessed enough to have. I will spending Mother’s Day with them.

    • gloria allen says:

      I lost my mother in 2004 and it is hard my son probably will do something for me thanks so much for offering the wonderful gift!!

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