Holiday Baking Giveaway

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Holiday Baking Giveaway

Enter our Giveaway to win a basket of holiday flavorings and other goodies courtesy of Southern Flavorings Co. Inc. Easy to enter.

southern-flavoring-basket, basket image.
Gift Basket of Happy Home Flavoring from Southern Flavoring Co. Inc


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This Giveaway has ended.

Thank You to everyone that entered. Stay tuned for our next Giveaway… coming soon.

Here’s how our Giveaway went…


Fall is almost here and the holiday season is getting even closer.

We would like to give one of our readers the opportunity to win this amazing basket of flavors from our friends at Southern Flavoring Co. Online at

Mama used lots of Happy Home Flavorings when she baked for the holidays or any other time of the year. I grew up with these and still use them in my own kitchen today.

John Messier is the owner of Southern Flavoring up in Bedford, Virginia and was one of the first companies to reach out to Taste of Southern not long after we began posting our recipes online.

John sent me a number of the Happy Home Flavorings to use with my recipes, and you’ll see them listed as ingredients in many of the cakes, pies, cookies and other recipes here on Taste of Southern.

Southern Flavoring has agreed to provide us with the basket of flavorings and other items that you see pictured in the photo above. It will be perfect to get you prepared for your own holiday baking.

To enter, just answer the following question in the Comment section below.

What is your favorite dessert to prepare for the holidays?

There is no right or wrong answer to the question. The winner will be selected at random using the random number generator at

Rules. Rules. Rules.

Only one entry per person.
You must be over 18 to enter.
Open to the lower 48 states only, with apologies to all our other visitors.
Winner will be selected at random, via There is no right or wrong answer.
Contest ends at midnight Eastern time, Saturday – October 06, 2018.
Winner will be posted on Monday, October 08, 2018.
Check back at the end of the giveaway to see if you’ve won and to claim your prize.
Winner will be asked to submit your full name and address to us should you win.
Your name and shipping address will be shared with Southern Flavoring.
Your prize will be mailed as soon as you respond so you can enjoy it for the holidays ahead.

PS: Your Comment will not appear immediately, but be assured you’ll be entered if you leave a comment before the deadline. I’ll approve and post the replies just as quickly as possible. Thanks.

Good Luck, and thanks for entering.

Be Blessed!!!



Southern Flavors Pound Cake recipe.
Check out our recipe for the Southern Flavors Pound Cake.

We did this recipe for Southern Flavoring some time back, but it’s really, really good. I do hope you’ll try it and let me know what you think about it.



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  1. Keith Petterson says:

    Mine is Sourthern Bread Pudding with bourbon sauce. Had this in the south and now make it for all of the family get togethers and it has become a hit. Would be disbanded if I didn’t make it.

  2. Emily Hand says:

    I love bread pudding, but I do need a good recipe.

  3. My new favorite as of last year is a Cranberry Layer Cake. It’s delicious and the real shocker was that the husband loves it! I also do Crockpot Crack Candy and EVERYONE loves that!!

  4. Sherry Williams says:

    Oooh – how did I miss this? I guess I wasn’t looking and I was almost too late. We try to choose something new every year for dessert because we can’t seem to change our classic main & side dishes at all.

    Any type of pie is a winner, and cakes, but we always make a big batch of chocolate-walnut fudge and coconut/dark cherry rum balls. I’m not a rum fan, but once all the flavors settle in the little balls, they’re so good!

    Thanks for the contest. That looks like an awesome basket!

    Thanks for this site, too. I don’t post much, but I’ve used so many recipes from this site. They always turn out just like your pictures, and I can’t say that for other places. Sometimes, I wonder if other sites and even printed cookbooks even try their own recipes before they publish.

  5. Rhonda Worrell says:

    My favorite dessert to make for the holidays is sweet potato pie! I love it so much that I have often had it for my birthday “cake”. Smile…

  6. Orange slice fruitcake, as even folks who do not care for such, gobble up this one

  7. Terry Helm says:

    Chess Cake with coconut.

  8. Homemade Chocolate Fudge made from scratch and lots of beating in the cast iron skillet! My husband learn from watching his Mother make it when growing up!

  9. Erva Reamsbottom says:

    I love old fashion fruitcake!

  10. Sweet potato souffle,pecan pie bon bon’s,and fudge.

  11. Priscilla says:

    Coconut cream pie, lemon meringue pie

  12. Ann Thomas says:

    My favorite dessert for the holidays is lemon meringue pie or anything chocolate. Fruit cake ranks up there too.

  13. Sandy says:

    Good ol’ Pumpkin Pie!

  14. Tracy Johnson says:

    My favorite recipe to make is Pumpkin Crunch or it is sometimes called Pumpkin Dump cake. Very simple and tasty. I like the simplicity when it’s hectic during Christmas.

  15. Carolyn Lewis says:

    My favorite dessert is an old fashioned Raisin Nut Cake that has been aged for weeks, little bit of wine sprinkled along the way. Also I love pecan pie!

  16. Pat Nelson says:

    The Baker’s dozen cookies


  18. Bushrod says:

    Carrot and Coconut cake

  19. Christy Rafferty says:

    Grammy’s Chocolate Pie!!!

  20. Dianna McCullough says:

    My favorite is Ice Box Fruitcake but you don’t see it much anymore. I make one every year but it’s not as good as my mom’s. These flavorings would help I’m sure!

  21. Walt says:

    Sugar cookies!

  22. Mary Weyant says:

    Coconut cake, COOKIES, and I’m going to try a fruit cake for the first time this year!!

  23. Margaret L says:

    What is your favorite dessert to prepare for the holidays?
    I love pumpkin pies & pecan pies. I adore the coconut cake my grandma used to make before her passing. It took me years to find her recipe but think I finally found it. I really have to plan this coconut cake project in advance as I have to crack the coconuts. And for some reason I am hankering to make a chocolate pecan pie & also a chocolate pumpkin pie. Oh then there are the cookies. Oh boy I need to get started. So many choices & which one to do first. . .
    Steve take care of your vertigo. Appreciate reading your newsletters. And your recipes remind me of the way my Mama cooked. The food was so good back then when I was growing up.
    Blessings to you,
    From Emporia, Kansas

  24. Joy Risher says:

    My favorite dessert to make for the holidays is called Crown Cake. Using an angel food cake pan, you layer small cream puffs (no filling) and ice cream, more cream puffs and another layer of ice cream, then one more layer of cream puffs. Freeze overnight. When ready to plate, drizzle chocolate syrup over the top. The fun part is choosing the colors and flavors of the ice cream to match the season or holiday. Serves 16!

  25. Diane Revell says:

    My family loves my Pineapple Pie. When I have to bring a dessert with me, this is the one I make because it’s so easy. Mix a large tub of Cool Whip, a can of sweetened condensed milk, and a drained can of crushed pineapple. Pour in a Graham Cracker pie shell and refrigerate (I like to freeze and cut). It’s that simple and delicious. Everybody loves it.

  26. Gina Price and family says:

    Hi Steve, my Aunt Annies apple cake is my favorite, with homemade cooconut cake right up there too ! Christmas sugar cookies, yum yum !

  27. Jackie W Jenkins says:

    My favorites are my mother’s and my version of Southern Pecan Pie, a chocolate chess pie and also a triple chocolate buttermilk pound cake that my grandsons love!! Old favorites are often the best.

  28. Beverly Nevels says:

    My family loves the holidays when I make my pumpkin cheesecake. So yummy.

  29. GARY WOOD says:

    My wife makes me Mexican Wedding Cake cookies for the Christmas Holidays

  30. Joyce Britt Jackson says:

    My favorite holiday desert is the Five Flavor Pound Cake. I absolutely love this cake and no holiday is complete without it. Thank you for this opportunity to share with you.

  31. Gisele schaeffer says:

    My favorite dessert is French Christmas logs made with sponge cakes and butter frosting.
    It has become a tradition. Our family loves them.

  32. Carol Ambrosino says:

    Pumpkin pie and a big plateful of homemade cookies says “holiday ” to me.

  33. Cephise Overby says:

    Fruitcake cookies. My family cannot get enough of them.

  34. Melinda Cochran says:

    Everyone loves my late aunt’s famous pound cake. It is always a hit

  35. Paula Schubert says:

    For the holidays it’s always Pumpkin pie and Pecan pie. Growing up my mother always made fruitcake. She would start months in advance and “cure” the cakes with bourbon, brandy, or rum. My family was from Iowa (and thanks to the Navy I was born and grew up in Florida). But as a result I didn’t see relatives often. However, my grandmother always made sugar cookies with elaborate decorations and would send them via US Mail in a large coat box filled with unsalted popcorn to keep them from breaking. Definitely a highlight in my holidays!

  36. Vicki says:

    It has to be my mama’s apple nut cake that I still make with Happy Home because every time I go home I buy a trove from my old home church

  37. PATRICIA LYNCH says:

    My favorite dessert for the Holidays is making decorated iced sugar cookies and giving them to friends and family. But I also make cakes, pies and brownies as well.

  38. Brandy Caywood says:

    Just wouldn’t be the holidays if sometime between Thanksgiving and Christmas I didnt make pecan caramel slab pie!

  39. Lisa S says:

    My favorite dessert to make and is a MUST HAVE is pumpkin pie, followed by chocolate and peanut butter truffles, and chocolate chip cookies. I could go on and on 🙂

  40. Mark K Teal says:

    Chocolate Pecan Pie. What a great combination of flavors for the holidays.
    And second is Fruit Cake. For some folks it’s the dreaded concoction they think they don’t like…until they taste a really good full of nuts and fruit. A delicious homemade one…then they learn to enjoy the fruits of good cooking – and nuts!

  41. Lisa Brewer says:

    Brownies with crushed candy cane topping!

  42. Shannon Jurkus says:

    Martha Washington candy! Pure sugary goodness. My neighbor taught me how to make it about 35 years ago!

  43. Lucy Roberts says:

    My grandmothers recipe for fruitcake cookies.

  44. Pamela Ink says:

    My favorite Christmas gifts to give is home made jams . I just finished my last batch of mango jam, and am getting ready to start a batch of apple butter. My friends and family love them. I like to give each couple at our Christmas party a gift basket with homemade jams, cookies and candy. Seems like after Christmas I get a lot of empty jars back for refilling .LOL

  45. Laura Parton says:

    Carrot Cake, Red Velvet Cake and Boiled Cookies

  46. Bonnie Price says:

    My hubby is the pie person…sweet tater, pumpkin, pecan. I love decorated sugar cookies and fudge.

  47. Carolyn Wilson says:

    Custard pie….just plain ole custard pie is my all time favorite dessert….with extra custard in a canning jar in the frig!

  48. Jennifer A says:

    Pumpkin pie made with butterscotch chips and marshmallow creme (fluff)

  49. susan hines says:

    My favorite dessert to bake during the holidays is the 12-layer chocolate cake!

  50. Karen Carpenter says:

    Kentucky pecan cake…Just enough batter to hold the pecans together and enough Christmas “spirit” to give it flavor. God bless!

  51. Maggie says:

    My mom made the best dark fruit cake. She would make it a couple months before the holidays and brush it a few times with brandy. My favorite holiday dessert.

  52. Linda Barner says:

    Pumpkin pie is our family favorite dessert.

  53. Meg LaRue says:

    I love to make sugar cookies to decorate with friends & fudge pie topped with whipped cream!

  54. CORINA L HAMPTON says:

    Mexican Wedding Cakes and Lemon Bars.

  55. Tracy Lee says:

    Fudge, definitely fudge! I like to experiment with a new flavor each year.

  56. Dolores says:

    Favorite holiday deserts are fudge with different add-ins and chocolate chip cookies and peanut butter cookies.

  57. Peggy says:

    My favorite holiday dessert is a pecan pie.

  58. Dora says:

    My favorite for the holidays is the making of chocolate covered peanut butter balls. The recipe I use has been in the family over 40 years old and still a winner.

    • Pharris says:

      As I was thinking about a recipe, I forgot about the peanut butter balls. That is a favorite around here also. Doesn’t last long. Thanks for reminding me of those.

  59. Robert W Cundiff says:

    We like homemade pies and cakes. Of course, homemade fudge doesn’t last long in our house either.
    God Bless, Steve.

  60. Autumn Arthur says:

    Pumpkin pie and pecan pie are my favorites, although I have yet to make my own pecan pie!

  61. Brenda says:

    My all-time favorite is coconut cream pie!

  62. Pharris says:

    My favorite is Pumpkin Crunch pie and Sweet potato praline pie.

  63. wayne smith says:

    my grandmother’s fruit cake with pecans and hickory nuts. made around thanksgiving and wrapped with homemade wine in a “safe” drawer until christmas.

  64. LynnP says:

    Always have to have pumpkin pie. Absolute favorite!

  65. Ann Thomas says:

    My favorite dessert for the holidays is pies and cookies

  66. Cheryl F says:

    My personal favorite had always been my handmade chocolate covered cherries–stem on. 100% from scratch–even the gooey center. But through the years mar. cherries with stem intact have become harder and harder to find. My Family is unanimous,
    however that it would not be a holiday without my dark chocolate fudge! During an average ‘season’ I will make around 35 pounds
    of it for family and friends. I have actually had people knock on my door and ask if it was ‘too early’ (in the season) to get some fudge. My 16 yr old son is quickly becoming famous for his holiday peanut butter balls! And although he acts like it is a chore–I see the twinkle in his eye! Sorry…rambling…

  67. Deb says:

    Growing up, my mom “Granny” would always make a fresh coconut cake for the holidays. I still remember my dad cracking open the coconut to drain the milk.

    These days we make a coconut pie, pumpkin roll, cookies, and have a big tray of chocolate candies on the table for snitching any time you walk by. 🙂

  68. Kathryn says:

    I simply love pecan pie. Nothing like the sweetness with a scoop if vanilla ice cream..yum

  69. Pamela says:

    MY favorite is Stained Glass Salad. My mother always made it for me growing up. I had no idea it took 3 days to make until I started making it for my family!

  70. Craig P says:

    Pumpkin pie made with fresh pumpkins from the garden

  71. Jo says:

    I leave dessert making to the pros in my family. But my favorite Holiday memories include helping my Grandpa crack walnuts and my Aunt would make a Black Walnut Cake each Xmas.

  72. Hope Hill says:

    Our favorite dessert is a Cherry Cake. It was something his mom and sister made long ago so I tried to carry on the tradition!

  73. J Roberts says:

    I would have to say my favorite is everyone else’s favorite, Coconut Pie (creates it’s own crust) It is amazing and simple at the same time. One year I changed it up, didn’t make the coconut my daughter actually cried real tears, so before they could dry I was in the kitchen making “my favorite”.

  74. My favorite dessert to make for the holiday is Pecan pie. My family looks forward to it and it is their all time favorite.

  75. Teresa Rivers says:

    My favorite pie – Sweet Potato, my favorite cake Hummingbird

  76. Elaine says:

    My Mama’s Rich Man’s Fudge and Grandma Sally’s Peanut Butter Fudge, both the cooked kind that takes a lot of elbow grease to beat it to the right consistency. When I would stay with my Grandma in the summer for a week, she would always ask me what I’d like as a special treat… you guessed it, PBF!Even if it was really hot outside she’d still make it for me, I will never forget it. Even though she’s gone I still appreciate it.

  77. Karen White says:

    No dessert gets more raves and excitement from my family than my humble pumpkin pie. I make two at Thanksgiving and Christmas and they are gone in one day!

  78. Robin says:

    My absolute favorite is pumpkin pie.

  79. Alene Wendrow says:

    I’m just a plain old pumpkin pie baker. It is my very favorite any time during the season. I do occasionally add some bourbon though. It’s important to get bourbon in a recipe now and again!

  80. Betty Goodman says:

    Red Velvet Cake and chocolate pies are my families choice for me to make around the holidays. Hope vertigo leaves you before the holidays (it) isn’t welcome at your house ever again, overstayed already. Take care.

  81. Clara Smith says:

    My favorite dessert at Christmas is Coconut Orange Cake.

  82. Alicia Day says:

    My favorite dessert to make for the holidays is Cracker Candy. Easy to make and people really eat it up.

  83. Joan Graef says:

    Our favorite for the holidays is home made butter cookies. The melt-in-your-mouth kind!!!!

  84. Page Morden says:

    My favorite dessert for the holidays is Baklava. The family’s favorite is Alabama Christmas Lane Cake. Of course, both of these take a good while to prepare and bake. But they sure are good.

  85. Monica Chapman says:

    I love making pumpkin pie for my husband but I have to say my favorite is decorated sugar cookies for Christmas. My mom, sisters, nieces and I all get together a couple of days before Christmas and make everything from scratch. We flavor and color the icing and they are always amazing.

  86. Cynthia says:

    Strawberry-rhubarb crust less pie.

  87. Helen says:

    Our Holiday must haves are: Mincemeat Pie, Mincemeat cookies, and fudge. We make them every year.

  88. Teddi Hocker says:

    I please my family with Cinnamon Bars and Mexican Wedding Cookies

  89. Mary G says:

    Coconut Cream Cake!!

  90. cj thomas says:

    Miss Libby Garner’s coconut cake. It looks like angels made it and tastes like temptation.

  91. Sandra Wiche says:

    I make good old southern pecan pie every year. Since my son is allergic to nuts, I also make pumpkin pie. Both are big hits.

  92. Karen Miller says:

    My favorite dessert for Christmas is a pie made with strawberries, blackberries, and raspberries that I had put up during the summer. A yummy taste of summer in the winter.

  93. Carolyn Cochran says:

    My favorite holiday dessert to make is Sweet Potato Pound Cake.

  94. Mary Bradshaw says:

    I love butter cookies and so does my family. Have baked them every year since a bride. We love pies, pumpkin and apple and home made fudge.

    Hope you are feeling better, Steve. I enjoy your recipes so very much.

  95. Le-Vern Boyd says:

    I love to prepare cakes, pies, dressings and barbeque. At anytime of the year!!

  96. Sandra Lowry says:

    Hi Steve, my favorite dessert for the holidays is called Choco-Dot-Pumpkin Cake. When I worked in a grocery store in the seventies, a customer gave me the recipe and I have been making it ever since. Pumpkin, nuts, All-Bran Buds cereal and chocolate chips are in the batter and it is baked in a bundt pan. Turns out great every time!
    I have been to Bedford many times and I didn’t know Southern Flavoring Company was there. I will definitely go to their website to make some purchases. Have to support my fellow Virginians! Plus, after your recommendation last year about Jane Parker Fruitcakes, I trust your taste! Both fruitcakes I ordered from them were delicious.
    Hope you are better soon and thank you for the update on Billy and Jan!
    Sandra Lowry

  97. J. Desmarais says:

    I like making (English) plum pudding early in Dec.

  98. doris says:

    chocolate pecan pie.Fresh orange cake.

  99. Sharon Beales says:

    I am a holiday cookie and candy baker. Living with Stage 4 Cancer I wouldn’t get a lot done without my two daughters. They bring a Kitchenaid mixer and we use mine and get two different batches of cookies going. I only wish my new house had a double oven! Luckily I have a large kitchen and table to put all the cookie sheets, etc. The next day when i’m alone, I do my candy making. My fudge is a “can’t miss” at my sister’s house where our large family all meets.
    I so wish you were feeling better on a more consistent basis.
    Oh! My friend in Colorado quit working phones after 20+ years and went to work at Walmart as a personal shopper, she loves it! Says it’s the best job she’s ever had.

  100. Brenda Wakefield says:

    I love to make Pecan Cheesecake Pie.

  101. My favorite dessert to prepare for the holidays is mincemeat pie!

  102. Judith A Goodrich says:

    My favorite dessert at the holidays or anytime is Coconut Layer Cake, love all those old time Jello Molds with the little marshmallows. Lots of memories.

  103. Robert Allen says:

    Pumpkin and mincemeat pies.

  104. BB Rhody says:

    New York cheese cake

  105. Linda Arana says:

    Pecan Pie!

  106. Kathryn Ransom says:

    My all-time favorite dessert to prepare for the holidays is Pumpkin pie made with Libby’s pumpkin and Eagle Brand. I usually put fresh whipped cream on top and/or good vanilla ice cream. YUM !!

  107. Leigh Anne Ellis says:

    I love baking and eating during the holidays, and make a variety of desserts, but MY favorite is, hands down, my mother’s recipe for fruitcake.

  108. Robin says:

    Grasshopper Pie. Favorite from the time I was a child and my Uncle Harry would sneak me a little piece. It ensured that busy little Robin fell asleep, so he and my big brother Doug could build the “any 5 year old can put it together” doll house or bicycle on Christmas Eve. Mama never knew why her little bundle of energy crashed right after dessert every year or she would have raised the roof! (Smile)
    Thinking of you, Steve. Stay safe and be well soon.

  109. Anita says:

    My favorite dessert to make during the holidays (or anytime!) is Atlantic Beach Pie.

  110. Wendy says:

    My favorite holiday dessert to make is pumpkin pies and sweet potato casserole. When the smell of that is in the house, it then feels like the holidays are official.

  111. Marge Price says:

    My favorite dessert for Christmas is a homemade mincemeat pie made with mincemeat made from scratch.

  112. Kathleen says:

    My favorite holiday dessert to make is old fashioned mincemeat pie.

  113. libby rouse says:

    My favorite dessert to make would be ginger ale pound cake.

  114. Angela James says:

    Home made butter cookies and a good old fashion sweet potato pie.

  115. Linda Smith says:

    My favorite dessert to make at Christmas is old fashioned fruit cake the way my mom used to make it. It is full of pecans, candied fruit and raisins. I love it.

  116. Marilyn Allison says:

    I started making home-made pies a few years ago, using Taste of Southern pie crust recipe, and I make pecan, pumpkin and apple. My personal favorite is pecan pie. I make one of each of them at Thanksgiving and pecan at Christmas. And cookies, sugar and ginger cookies.

  117. sue morton says:

    My favorite dessert to prepare and eat is a southern pecan pie!!!

  118. Lori Dom says:

    My family loves homemade candies such as buckeyes, potato candy, peanut butter fudge and especially chocolate covered peanut clusters.

  119. Barbara says:

    My favorite holiday dessert is 7up pound cake. Yum

  120. Jim says:

    Hello Steve from Ruffin NC!

    For the holidays it’s Pecan,Apple and Pumpkin pies along with chocolate chip cookies,oatmeal raisin cookies and assorted homemade ice creams.

  121. Debbie says:

    My favorite holiday dessert is sweet potato pudding, it is a simple recipe of raw sweet potatoes, milk, eggs, sugar, cinnamon and nutmeg all blended together in a blender and then baked until set, no pie crust. It is so good and one my Dad loved.

  122. Beverly Jenkins says:

    My favorite dessert for the holidays is a lemon pound cake. We also like any thing chocolate, yum yum.

  123. Stephen Greenfield says:

    Almond Crackernut Pie – uses regular crackers, almonds, egg whites, sugar, and vanilla flavoring. Takes about 10 minutes to make and about an hour from start to pie out-of-the-oven.

    Not overly sweet so you can eat two pieces! It’s my most requested pie at Christmas.

  124. KarenO says:

    My favorite dessert to prepare for the holidays is pecan pie.

  125. George Warren says:

    Blueberry Pie!!!! Those little scrumptious nutritional antioxidant powerhouses in a pie with crust – who can resist at any time of the year? I have always love blueberries, even when they were not yet fashionable.

  126. Gail Alverson says:

    My very favorite holiday dessert is warm cherry pie with a scoop of ice cream. Instead of a full crust I make a lattice crust and then use a large holiday themed cookie cutter to cut the top crust decoration.

  127. Rosalind Canada says:

    My family favorite dessert is Buttermilk Pie. I have been baking these pies for about 40 years.

  128. John Lapitsky says:

    My favorite dessert to make for the holidays is pumpkin cheesecake. I have been making all kinds of cheesecakes for 50 years and that is still my favorite.

  129. My favorite dessert is German Chocolate pie and pound cake

  130. Pamela Moore says:

    I’m not a big sweets eater, so any type gelatin dessert. My aunt always prepared cracked jello for me, mine isn’t as pretty or good as hers but I’m still trying. Also love blueberry jello salad.

  131. Andrea Schmidt says:

    Oh without a doubt my ALL TIME FAVORITE is the cannoli. My grandfather made this for me for my birthday, he is no longer with us, when I moved up here to South Carolina every year. Now, I have decided to break down my intimidation wall, mostly because of the shell, and make it for the holidays. Every time I bake something I can hear my grandfather giving me life lessons or making me laugh. I only wish I had more of his recipes since he was a master executive chef.

    • Andrea Schmidt says:

      I did forget to mention, I also cannot live without my mom’s pumpkin pie. I watch her every year to see how she makes it, and I still have no idea how she makes it so good. She never measures the ingredients. This year, my mom has several people asking for her to make her pumpkin pie. She is a rock star.

  132. Anita Davis says:

    We keep the memories alive during the holidays by making my mother’s all time favorite pound cake and she always used Happy Home Butter Nut flavoring – and WOULD NOT deter from that. She swore by it!

  133. Emily Hazelwood says:

    Various candies and pumpkin nut squares.

  134. Elsa Nystrom says:

    Since our family tradition is German/Hungarian, I bake the traditional poppy seed and nut coffee cakes, as well as apricot pastries called Kolachkes.
    Always an assortment of cookies, pinwheels, sugar cookies, macaroons, nut bars, a mix of European and American cookies.
    Finally, many, many small loaves of date nut bread and a dozen really tasty small fruitcakes.
    Of course, I do this all in one whirlwind day…NOT

  135. Elizabeth Ferguson says:

    Favorite desert for the holidays, and any day ~ Lemon Meringue Pie. Mama taught me how to make it at age 12 and I’ve been making them almost non-stop since then. The recipe was based on an Eagle Brand Sweetened Condensed Milk label recipe from almost 60 years ago, with a couple of changes. Delicious! I sure could use some Happy Home flavoring from Southern Flavoring Co.

  136. David Williams says:

    My favorite dessert to prepare for the holidays is pies. Cakes and cookies too, but not as much.

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