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| January 8, 2012 | 1 Comment

It’s about 7:30pm as I write this.  I’ve spent yet another Sunday afternoon working on Taste of Southern. 

I managed to add the recipe for Southern Banana Pudding today.  I hope you’ll take a look at it and that maybe you’ll even give the recipe a try.  If you’ve never made Banana Pudding from scratch…you’ll really want to try it sometime.  It’s a whole new mouthful of taste bud delights compared to all of that boxed and canned pudding you may have been having.  Plus….it’s easy to make.  Just follow the Step-By-Step Photo Illustrations.

It really made me wish that I had some myself.  I cooked the recipe awhile back and must admit…it was delicious as far as I’m concerned.

I spent the rest of the afternoon working on setting up a Twitter account for Taste of Southern.  That turned out to be very time consuming.

I initiated the account several months back but wanted to get it going and make some changes to the look of my homepage on Twitter.  First, I did a little Google search to find some info on what size of background image I needed to use.  Then, I cranked up Photoshop and spent some time placing all the pieces and parts together.

Once I had an image that I liked, it was time to upload it to Twitter.  Good luck with that!  The first time or two everything worked fine, except the image didn’t line up the way I wanted it to.  That meant going back to the Photoshop image and making some tweaks to the design.  When I went to upload the changes, it wouldn’t accept the file.  I tried over and over again to make it work, but it just failed each time. 

The Twitter site says you can upload an image up to 800kb in file size.  Mine was 731kb.  It just never would take it.  After waiting another hour to see if perhaps they just had too much traffic to allow the upload, I started trying again.  Still, nothing would happen.

Around 6:15pm, I finally got it to work.  That is, after I reduced the file size down to about 500kb.  Go figure.  But, at least it uploaded and now it’s in place.  That’s not to say that I want make a few more tweaks to it, but that will probably have to wait awhile longer.  I’m kind of worn out from trying at the moment.

You can click the FOLLOW ME ON TWITTER link in the top right hand side of our homepage here on Taste of Southern.  It will be a great way to get news of our most recent posts.  We’ll start “tweeting” them out from now on. 

I “followed” a few of my favorite folks, but as I write this, I have absolutely ZERO followers on Taste of Southern.  Let’s see who becomes the first.

As a side note:  When I first tried to setup a name for this account, the name “tasteofsouthern,” was already taken.  The people that were using the name had never made any tweets with it and it looked like they didn’t intend to use it.  I contacted TWITTER and told them about the situation, directed them to my website of that name and asked about the possibility of them cancelling that account since it had never been used.

God was on my side with that one.  A few days later I got an email from Twitter Support saying they had deleted that account and they included instructions on how I could acquire the name.  Thus @tasteofsouthern was born….or maybe….born again.  (No pun intended)

Guess that’s it for this evening.  Time to watch a movie while some clothes are in the washer.  Some of us have to go to bed around 8pm since we get up at 4am each morning.  Just saying.

Be Blessed!!!


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  1. Tracy P. says:

    Great to see you on twitter! by the way, we use the hastag #justsayin all the time 🙂

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