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Creamy Cole Slaw Recipe

This quick and easy coleslaw recipe is a traditional side dish for lots of great southern foods.  You’ll find it served up with BBQ, Fried Chicken, Fish and Seafood at most family gatherings.  It’s also a favorite on Hamburgers, Hot Dogs and BBQ Sandwiches.  Just a few simple ingredients are all you’ll need.

We’re just a couple of days into Spring and for the past few weeks our thoughts have been turning to getting back outside.  It’s time to put away the heavy winter clothing in exchange for t-shirts and lighter wear.  We’ve already seen some summer like temperatures here in the South this year and it’s not even April yet.  Before long, we can drag out the shorts and sandals and bask in the warm sunshine, do some planting and gardening and just spend time around the picnic table with family and friends.

As a youngster, I spent as much time outside playing as I possibly could.  Of course, it didn’t matter much if it was Spring, Summer, Winter or Fall…it was just fun being outside.  My friends and I found all sorts of things to keep us busy…and active.  We had to create our own games most of the time but that wasn’t very hard to do when we put our collective minds together and started using our imaginations.

As I got older though, I found myself spending more of my time inside.  I started working at age 15 and from there on, most of my outside time dwindled away.  Many years would pass before I discovered the great outdoors once again.

In the first of 2009, I realized I needed a “hobby,” and decided it was high time to get back to doing some fishing.  I soon became the recipient of a Zebco 33 Rod and Reel, just like my dad use to fish with, and before long….I was HOOKED.  Seriously, I fell into fishing hook, line and sinker.  I just totally loved it and couldn’t wait to get back out alongside the water each day that I possibly could.

I started meeting new friends and started catching some fish.  Often times I was fishing six days a week at a large lake that is 30 miles from my home.  That was just one way.  Still, I loved it and I loved being with others that enjoyed it.  We caught fish, we threw them back in, we gave them away, it didn’t matter as long as we were fishing.

I’ve made some very close friends on The Pier where I fish.  We laugh, we fuss at each other, we try to outfish one another.  In the end, the important thing is that we’ve had a good time….then we all go our separate ways….and head back home.

I caught my first fish of the year just a few days ago.  Surprisingly, I’ve had a bit of a dry spell over the past few months.  I’ve tried to catch fish, but I just haven’t been very succesful at it.  That’s about to change though, I can feel it in my blood.  And of course, that means that before long, we’ll be enjoying some fried fish at one of my fishing buddies home.  He and his wife have been gracious enough to invite me over several times throughout the year.  We enjoy the Crappie fish that we’ve caught and really enjoy just sitting around the table sharing stories.

With the water warming back up, another Fish Fry can’t be far away.  Thus, I want to share some recipes over the next few weeks to help you put your own Fish Fry together.  I’m starting off with this recipe for Cole Slaw because you just can’t have a real Southern Fish Fry without having some delicious coleslaw.  I’ll also be adding recipes on making hoe cakes and hushpuppies, french fries and of course….Fried Fish.  I hope you’ll come along for the adventures.

This coleslaw is a bit on the sweet side….just the way I love it.  It’s great as a side dish for Fried Fish, Fried Chicken, BBQ, and lots of other Southern favorites.  It’s also fantastic served on top of BBQ Sandwiches, Hamburgers…(if you eat them) and Hot Dogs.  I love hamburgers and have ate my fair share….I just haven’t had one in over THREE YEARS now.   But, that’s another story for later.

If you’re ready for Spring, Summer and Family Get Togethers….add this coleslaw recipe to the menu.

Let’s Get Cooking!

Creamy Cole Slaw Ingredients needed.

Creamy Cole Slaw Recipe:  You’ll need these ingredients.

Cut the end off a medium sized head of cabbage.

We’ll begin with a medium sized head of cabbage.  Peel away the outer layer or two of leaves on the cabbage.  Rinse it well under cool running water, then place it on your cutting board and carefully slice off the end with the stem.  It’s tough, so be careful when cutting it.

Cut the cabbage into halves.

Stand the cabbage on it’s cut end and slice it into halves.  Then, slice each half into quarters.

Grate the cabbage.

Use a grater and grate each section of the cabbage quarters.  This is an old grater that my mother used.  You may have one just like it or you can use something similar.  It’s probably one of the more dangerous kitchen tools in my kitchen.  Getting use to it includes scraping your knuckles on those sharp edges a time or two, but it’s also a very versatile utensil and comes in handy.  There are newer styled gadgets to accomplish the same tasks and you could also just slice and chop with a good knife.  I understand there’s some new fangled contraption called a food processor that might also work.  I’m thinking about looking into that.  (Smile)  Then too, how much easier can it get than just buying a bag of cabbage for cole slaw already cut up at the grocery store?  Times are changing.

Place the grated cabbage in a mixing bowl.

OK…it gets a bit messy doesn’t it?  Place the grated cabbage in a mixing bowl.  In this picture, the cabbage that actually got grated is what you see in the bowl.  It collects inside the grater as you grate.  What’s on the outside is usually larger pieces and we’ll end up chopping those some with the knife.

Chop the large pieces.

Just gather up the large pieces and chop them with your knife.  Make it as small or as big as you like.  Sometimes I seem to like a really finely chopped slaw and somedays I like more of a shredded slaw.  Just depends on the mood and what it’s intended for.

Discard the core pieces.

The center core pieces are usually discarded.  Toss them into your mulching bin if you have one.

Grate a carrot for some color.

Now, grate up a small carrot to add a little color.  Mama didn’t use carrots in her coleslaw.  I got into this habit when we had the restaurants.  You don’t use a lot, just a little to add some color and make it look pretty on the dish.

Chop up some pickles.

Sweet pickle relish is also needed if you have it.  Unfortunately, you probably aren’t going to have any of mama’s special recipe for her sweet pickles on hand.  That’s going to make a world of difference in this coleslaw.  OK, maybe I’m a bit partial.  Mama made her special pickles about every year.  They are a sweet pickle and she used them and their juice in all different types of recipes like Chicken Salad, Potato Salad, Deviled Eggs…lots of different things.  It’s long been a dream of mine to one day be able to produce and package these pickles and get them on the shelves of grocery stores all around the country.  To me…they’re just that good.

I never tried to make them myself until about two years ago.  Last summer, I took photos of the entire process and I hope to share it with you here on Taste of Southern before very long.  It’s going to take some time to put it all together because it takes a long time to actually make them.  Keep watching for it OK.

Chopped pickle pieces.

Chop up some sweet pickles if using them instead of relish.

Measure out the pickles.

Measure out about one half cup of chopped pickles or sweet relish.  Sweet Pickle Relish is available at most grocery stores and is a good substitute.  The pickles will also add some additional color to the recipe.

Place the ingredients in a mixing bowl.

Place the grated cabbage in a large mixing bowl.

Add the grated carrots.

Add the grated carrots to the bowl.

Add pickles.

Add the chopped pickles.

Add the mayo.

Add the Duke’s Mayonnaise.  Duke’s is a traditional southern favorite and a must have at my house.  Afterall….”It’s the Secret to Great Food.”  You can learn more about our favorite mayo by clicking this link – Duke’s Mayonnaise.  If it’s not available at your local grocery store, you can order it directly from their website.  I just thought you should know.

Add sugar.

Add the sugar.

Add the black pepper.

Add the Black Pepper.

Stir the ingredients.

Gently stir it all up a bit.

Add the salt.

Add the Salt.

Add the vinegar.

Add one teaspoon of vinegar.

Stir well.

Now, gently stir up all the ingredients until thoroughly mixed together.  Its going to be a bit juicy once the sugar starts to melt and combine with the mayonnaise.  That just makes it all that much the better.

Serve and Enjoy!

Serve and Enjoy!

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